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ACADEMIC ADVISING: Every student at High Point University is assigned an academic advisor in their major who mentors, helps plan semester schedules, and develops an academic plan towards graduation. In addition to providing training and support to faculty advisors. Students changing majors, adding a minor or 2nd major, and notification is completed by the office. It also maintains the Academic Advising website:  Contact persons: Ms. Karen Naylon, Ms. Sarah Bryce


ACADEMIC COUNSELING: Students experiencing academic difficulty in their courses can discuss course planning, options, and support with any of the professional staff.  [Personal Counseling is also available to students through Counseling Services in the Office of Student Life.]  Contact persons: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke; Ms. K. Naylon; Ms. Sarah Bryce


ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE TRACKING [grades]: Student grades [with a focus on freshmen] are reviewed at mid-term and end-of-the-semester. This information is shared with the student’s advisor and follow-up by the OAD professional staff with students who receive less than satisfactory progress or having significant grade challenges is conducted each semester. Contact persons: Dr. A. Goedeke; Ms. Karen Naylon; Ms. Sarah Bryce


ACADEMIC SERVICES and PEER TUTORING: Academic Services is a “level-three certified academic assistance center” by CRLA. Free tutoring is available to any student in the University in any subject and is provided by certified peer tutors. Both group and individual peer tutoring are available. Programs related to writing skills, TI-89 calculator use, computer word processing, plus seminars in time management, testing strategies, teacher education Praxis exam and learning assistance technologies are also available. Website information at:

Contact person: Dr. Craig Curty. 

ACADEMIC STANDING: Students whose academic performance is unsatisfactory in a semester are placed on either Academic Probation or deemed Ineligible to return to the University. The office informs and works with these students to improve their academic standing.

Contact person: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke


ADV1101 – FOUNDATIONS FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS COURSE: ADV1101 is a comprehensive academic and life skills course designed to support the overall development and success of the student through the application of techniques, skills, practices, and ideas to the academic, personal, social, and career aspects of a student’s life.  The course is taught by the professionals of the office. Contact person: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke


CARE TEAM: The Care Team is a cooperative effort of the professionals of the Office of Academic Development and the Office of Student Life to support the over-all well-being of the students of the University community. Faculty, staff, and students make referrals to the Team for follow-up and support services coordination.

Contact persons: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke and Mrs. Gail Tuttle, vice-president for Student Life.


CLASS PROBATION CONFERENCES:  Students placed on Class Attendance Probation are required to meet with a member of the Office of Academic Development to discuss their class absences and to create a plan for improvement. Contact persons: Dr. Allen Goedeke; Ms. Sarah Bryce


DISABILITY SUPPORT: Students with documented learning, physical, or psychological disabilities receive appropriate support and accommodations based upon professional review of their diagnostic documentation. Testing, applied technologies, and individual support are provided according to each individual case. Website information available at:

Contact persons: Ms. Rita Sullivant, director;   Ms. Dana Bright; Ms. Suzanne Meehan


EARLY ALERT: Early in each semester faculty report student progress in their courses. Students experiencing a more challenging beginning are counseled by their advisor and OAD professionals.

Contact person: Ms. Karen Naylon


FRESHMAN SUCCESS PROGRAM: This program is dedicated to assisting freshman students in enhancing their academic and life skills plus their transition to academic and college life. Includes all OAD support programs. Contact: Dr. Beth Holder


LEARNING EXCELLENCE:  The Learning Excellence Program is a fee-based support system available to any student. Through a diverse, comprehensive, and individualized academic support program, each student receives personalized attention and encouragement as appropriate. Website information at:

Contact person: Mrs. Debra Pomeroy, director


STUDENT ACADEMIC ADVISING ORIENTATION: All entering students to the University participate in an orientation session on advising and curriculum requirements as part of Early Registration or General Registration. Students are also invited to check the Academic Advising website for additional information and support.

Contact persons: Dr. Goedeke; Ms. Naylon; Ms. Bryce


STUDENT-ATHLETE STUDY PROGRAM: Student-athlete Structured Study Hall “study hall” is required of all freshman athletes and of other athletes as appropriate. Contact person: Ms. April Wines, Assistant Athletic Director for Academics


SUMMER EXPERIENCE: Summer Experience is HPU’s nationally recognized early start program for entering freshmen conducted during the month of July before the fall semester. Students earn 8 credits towards graduation while making the transition to college life easier and reducing “freshman anxiety.” ADV1101 serves as a core component. Website details:

Contact person: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke


SUMMER SCHOOL: Any student may attend summer school at HPU. Sessions include: HPU AWAY [online], May, and on campus summer sessions I and II. Website:

Contact: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke


SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION: This peer tutoring program directly places a tutor in the classroom alongside students. They also serve as the out-of-class tutor. Contact person: Dr. Craig Curty


TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS: Students who receive testing accommodations may take their exams in private testing rooms provided on the 4th floor of Smith Library in the Office of Academic Development. Contact person: Ms. Suzanne Meehan


WRITING CENTER: The Writing Center provides writing consultants to assist students with their ENG1101/1102/1103 writing requirements and other students with their course papers and projects. Email for more information. Contact: Dr. Leah Schweitzer


OTHER: The Office of Academic Development also provides faculty, advisors, students, and University personnel/staff the following notifications as appropriate: Contact person: Dr. D. Allen Goedeke


. . .ACADEMIC PROGRAM CHANGE NOTIFICATION: Changes of major, minor, etc. Notification sent to the new and old advisors and other University staff.


. . . ABSENCE NOTIFICATION: Instructors and other University staff are informed when a student misses class due to illness or some family event. Students are not excused for any absence.


. . . CLASS ATTENDANCE WARNING NOTIFICATION: Students are placed on Class Attendance Warning by instructors when they miss too many classes.


. . . ACADEMIC INVOLUNTARY WITHDRAWAL: Students are involuntarily withdrawn [dropped] from a course by the instructor when their absences exceed the instructor’s attendance policy.


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