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Student Career Intern Programs

The purposes of this program are to give a student an overview of an off-campus organization related to the intended career; allow a student to apply classroom skills in a day-by-day working experience; allow a student to assess an intended career aspiration; guide a student upon returning to the classroom in selecting applicable courses to further career intentions; bridge in-classroom learning and out-of-class work experience.

Program Guidelines

  1. A student may register for 6, 9, 12, or 15 semester hours of SCIP credit during either the fall or spring period (12 semester hours for the summer). Summer SCIP will be graded IP until the internship is completed and graded. A maximum of six weeks beyond the semester of enrollment will be permitted for grade submission.
  2. SCIP may not be used for part-time work or fewer hours than stated in Contract. Any contract modifications must have prior approval of the faculty supervisor, department chair, and program director.
  3. The work area should have an academic and future occupational interest and be one in which the student has no prior experience.
  4. University credit may be received in any major subject area of the University. A maximum of six (6) credit hours may be applied to toward elective hours in the major.
  5. Any student anticipating entry into the program should plan carefully, anticipating a clear block of time for one semester preferably during the junior year or first semester of the senior year.
  6. Initial contact with the organization should be made by the faculty supervisor. The employer must provide any required information.
  7. Pass/Fail grade only

Requirements for Admission

  1. The SCIP candidate must be a full-time, degree seeking High Point University student with academic standing as a junior or senior.
  2. The student must have a minimum overall C average and a C average or better in the major area.
  3. During the period of internship, a weekly record must be kept and submitted every week to the faculty supervisor; a final typed summary report of the intern experience must be submitted at least five (5) days before the end of the period, specifying duties preformed, new skills acquired, new areas of interest developed, difficulties encountered and how they were handled, and total number of hours worked.
  4. The faculty supervisor will make a minimum of one (1) on-site visit.
  5. The cost to the student will be the regular University cost plus expenses to cover the faculty supervisor’s transportation, communication, and living expenses incurred while completing the on-site visit.

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