Academic Services

Learning Excellence

Learning Excellence is a unique program that provides a support system to assist students in achieving extraordinary academic success at High Point University. The program is open to any High Point University student and offers extensive support to students with learning differences as well as those who want to organize and improve their academic abilities.

Through a diverse, fee-based system of comprehensive, individualized support, Learning Excellence develops a learning action plan specific to each student so they receive the personalized attention and encouragement needed.

The success of students participating in Learning Excellence is dependent upon their personal involvement, cooperation, and dedication to academic progress and success as well as the support of their parents. Students are required to sign an agreement indicating their commitment to the program.

Learning Excellence is a semester-long program. Students wishing to join the program should submit an application prior to the start of each semester.


SUMMER PROGRAM: An abbreviated version of Learning Excellence is provided during the summer. There will be professional reading/writing, math, and limited peer tutoring during the summer. Study hall hours will not be tracked. The emphasis will be placed on a twice weekly meeting with a Learning Excellence Specialist to focus on academic progress, study skills, organization, and time management. A weekly report will be provided to parents. LE-Summer is available to students in Summer Sessions I and II and Summer Advantage.


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