Fall Break

It is so hard to believe I have spent almost two months at High Point University, and now I am home for Fall Break! The past two months have been extremely busy, filled with new friends, classes (we are in college), schoolwork, cheerleading practice (Oh yeah! I made the team!), and an all around great time!

Since being back at school, a few exciting things have happened…

1) The Great Day Bakery has opened- our Panera-style restaurant that provides a great lunch spot for those who don’t feel like the Café, Chick-fil-a, or Subway.

2) The Extraordinary Cinema, High Point’s own movie theater, has opened on the bottom floor of the new University Center. They are constantly showing new and exciting movies! Everyone has been able to find something they enjoy. Also, tickets are free! Plus we get free candy, drinks, and popcorn. Because, basically, High Point is awesome.

3) And finally, The Point, our new sports grill, has recently opened. This place is probably my favorite…it reminds me of the type of college hangout you see in the movies. Very laid back, TVs everywhere, all your close friends, and AMAZING food, all with a swipe of your HPU Passport card!

And that’s not the end of the new and exciting features of High Point University!  Soon, a very nice steakhouse will open on the top floor of the University Center, 1924 Prime. I am very excited about this addition. My good friend Angela is actually going to be working there as a waitress. She has been telling me about the menu and other unique aspects of the restaurant, most of the time making my mouth water!

In other news, I made the High Point cheerleading team! It has helped me make even more friends. Our first basketball game is November 10th and I am so excited about cheering on the Panthers!!

Me with my fellow cheerleaders at our “camo-themed” practice. I’m in the middle somewhere.

Me with my fellow cheerleaders at our “camo-themed” practice. I’m in the middle somewhere.

I fall more in love with High Point everyday. It has been a wonderful experience watching the seasons change with the leaves, even if it means no more pool for awhile. I can’t wait to get back after fall break! After all, Halloween Fest is just around the corner!!