Semester Wrap-Up

hpu_5494Wow! My first semester flew by so fast I barely had time to blink.


It was truly an incredible four months. I learned so much about myself, the world, and, you know, all that academic stuff I was there for. I finished with great grades, thanks to the helpful guidance of all my professors.


I also have a great deal more friends than I started with-some I know I will have the rest of my life.


Thanks to Dr. Qubein’s President’s Seminar, I have a better knowledge of the basic skills needed for success in life. These include proper communication skills, how to handle money, leadership skills, and how to manage my time. I know these skills will prove to be  useful throughout my college career and on into my adult life.


In other news, HPU recently experienced a nice bit of winter weather when all that lovely snow came through that pretty much hit EVERYWHERE except for Georgia, where I went home for Christmas. I must admit I was quite disappointed. Being a southern girl who has only seen two (maybe three) good snowfalls in her lifetime, I absolutely adore snow! And, of course, it started snowing the second I got in my car and left High Point for Christmas break…turning into very heavy, un-ending rain once I got on the interstate heading south.


But I’m over it. I can only hope that it snows again once I get back. But, for all you northern kids wanting to come down south to get away from snow…don’t worry! We don’t get that much. And if we do, it usually melts the same day.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmas breaks…your last Christmas breaks before college! How exciting!


Study hard and don’t start slacking…you only have one semester to go!


From my comfy room at home (not the even-comfier dorm room I miss so much) to yours,


Dulce Winders