A New Semester!

The Winders family, Christmas 2009

The Winders family, Christmas 2009

Being home for break was such fantastic relaxation.  My family is so important to me and I’ve had a blast spending bunches of time with them! …But I missed my family of friends at High Point so much!!


I am so glad to be back at High Point University for several reasons:


1.  I am so excited and ready to start all new classes with all new professors. (I know most of you think I am crazy for saying this AND putting it at the top of my list, but I really am thrilled! I love school, always have. I bet you will too when you’re an HPU student.)


2.  I will have two new roommates move into my four-bedroom suite in Blessing Hall. Emma, my current roommate, and I are very happy to welcome our good friends Megan and Rianna into our room. I am of the belief that we will have the coolest suite in Blessing!


3.  This week, I have the chance to go through Spring Rush! I am very eager to join a sorority and become a part of a special family.


4.  And, last but certainly not least, I will be finishing up my first season of college cheerleading. I absolutely love cheering at the HPU basketball games! I also love my team of cheerleaders. We have formed such a special bond.


Speaking of basketball, I can’t wait to see many of you at HPU Spirit Night! I attended last year and had a blast. I got to meet soon-to-be fellow classmates, as well as some upperclassmen that I am still friends with. I know for a fact that this year’s Spirit Night will be even better than last year’s! Come spend a night cheering on the High Point Panthers, your future team. The games are so much fun! You will even get to cheer along with me from the Panther’s Den : )


Last semester of high school!  Keep working hard,