Midterm Week

Posted on March 4, 2010.
Part of the new UC Learning Commons-- a great place to study!

Part of the new UC Learning Commons-- a great place to study!

O joy…midterm week!

Who can believe that another semester is already halfway over? I sure can’t! Pretty soon it will be a new school year entirely!

It is midterm week, meaning a lot of library time, late night study sessions, frantic packing for Spring Break, and daily Grande White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks (with a double shot of course)!

But no worries! My friends that need help in certain classes have been able to see complimentary tutors in the library to help prepare for their exams. My friends who are working on papers have used the library reference desk to help with research. And, the rest of us have been using the countless other library resources to keep our sanity!

It will all be over soon…and a break in the sun is very much needed! (Especially after another day of snow…where does it keep coming from?!)

And…we just found out that Corey Smith is coming for our Spring Concert in April…YAY!!!  Check him out at

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