Taking It Easy at HPU…

I still cannot believe that this school year is almost over! It seems like just yesterday I moved into my awesome single room in Blessing. Two semesters and many fun memories later, I find myself at the end of my freshman year. It scares me to think that the rest of my college years could go by this fast. TIME NEEDS TO SLOW DOWN!!!!

I am trying hard to find something beautiful in each day. That is so easy to do here at HPU! We are completely surrounded by beauty at High Point. I’ve been so busy this semester that I keep forgetting to enjoy myself. So since all of my projects are done for the year, I have decided to have fun these last few weeks of school. I plan on taking a complimentary bike ride through campus, going to see a free movie or two, and playing in the arcade! (Insert happy face here)

Having fun in the HPU sun,

Dulce Winders