Missing HPU!

I have been home for the summer for almost two months and I am missing High Point University so much! I miss the campus, all of my friends, even class! (I know…there might seriously be something wrong with me.)

I am somehow keeping myself busy with work and friends from home. But, I also have an upcoming HPU visit to look forward to!

I will be driving up to High Point in a few weekends to work as an Ambassador at the Open House event on July 9th and the Early Registration event on July 12th. I really hope to see some of you there!

While I am in High Point, I will get to stay with some of my best friends who are taking summer classes. I will also get to meet all of the upcoming freshman who will be attending Summer Experience!

I am super excited!

I hope that EVERYONE is having an amazing summer! (and that everyone is able to stay somewhat cool…it is really hot in Georgia right now!)

Dulce Winders