The First of it’s Kind

It’s good to be back. Move-In, Classes, Friends, Family, Hello’s and Goodbyes. All of this describes the first week I experienced here at HPU. I can’t even begin to cover all the events that have transpired this week but I can offer you a look into some of the highlights that made HPU a quick second home to me. Overall the HPU atmosphere and community has been very welcoming and helpful to the freshman class adjusting to the college life.

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Saturday Rush

Just imagine arriving onto campus and sitting in a line of over 500 cars at 7 am with your entire life in the trunk and how much of a pain its to be to move all of that up to your room on the 5th floor… Then relax and remember that this is HPU and nothing is that inconvenient. At HPU they planned it down to the very hour where each floor of each dorm building moves in at a designated time. Not only do they take care of traffic, but did I forget to mention that freshman don’t have to unload their items. You simply pull your car up to your dorm and within minutes a team of upperclassmen have unloaded all your boxes and placed them in your room for you to unpack.

You’ll be shaking hands, bring an Ice Pack

Within the first twenty minutes of arriving on campus, I had already met more people than I could even remember. All I can remember before I arrived is how I was going to meet so many people and when everyone is thinking the same thing it is almost impossible not to meet new friends. The dorm I live in is Blessing which is a 5 story building that is co-ed by floor. I live in a suite with three other freshman and left the HPU roommate survey up to deciding who my roommates would be. However we are all already great friends and there is no doubt without the survey HPU gave us that I would have ended up with people I would have not got along with. I came here maybe knowing a group of 10 people or so over facebook, I now know over 75 after 8 days on campus. Making friends is no problem.

Classes by Day, Bingo by Night

The first few days following move in day had my head spinning with all the activities they had planned for the freshman on campus. This included a hypnotist, a soccer game with fireworks, a playfair, a dance party, and of course the long awaited bingo night. Classes began on Tuesday and it was quite an exciting experience to try and get a feel for the academic environment at HPU and learn about your professors. After the first day of classes on Tuesday, students were invited to participate in HPU Bingo in the Slane center. This isn’t your typical community bingo at a local center, this is a scene that fills the HPU basketball floor with eager students waiting to win all kinds of prizes from HPU gear to an Apple iPad. As you can see in the photo below I was two spaces away from the iPad. Be warned though, those who ended up tying for a prize had to have a dance off up on stage to decide the winner.

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