Hallowed Events

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting in a long time but these past few weeks have been incredibly busy! I’ve gone through exams back in October before fall break, to an extraordinary Halloween on campus, and even declaring my major. I’m no longer undecided! The past few weeks have been academically challenging but a great balance of fun in between.

Exam Week and Fall Break

The week before HPU’s fall break in October marks the middle of fall semester and it was insanely difficult to believe how much time had passed! During this week tutors are available in the Smith library all week to help students study for their exams and the library greatly accomadates groups of students. The midterm exams are also put in place as to help alert students, especially freshman, as to how their progress is in the classroom. Midterms are scheduled so that grades come back in time for students to improve their study skills before the end of the semester. After my last exam on Thursday, I boarded one of the hourly HPU airport shuttles to Greensboro. This is also complimentary if you wear your HPU attire. The week back home was a great way to relax and see friends and family but only after a few days I began to miss my home away from home! There is an alternative where some HPU students are encouraged to stay on campus and work for the market furniture week. Although campus is closed, students can sign a housing contract and remain in their dormitories.


High Point does not let you miss out on this holiday in any aspect. The Friday night before Halloween, HPU hosted a ticketed event where two buses of students were brought to Spooky Woods, rated 9th scariest haunted house in the country, only 15 minutes down the road. The entry fee to this haunted event is usually $25 but the Campus Activity Team or C.A.T covers your entry fee for you. For those of us that love to be scared and spooked, Spooky Woods is one haunted maze you do not want to pass up while you attend school here.

On Sunday, the HPU Promenade is transformed into Halloweenfest. This year, Halloweenfest featured funnel cakes, photo keychains, Eclipse on the lawn, and a costume contest. Plus, the entire residence hall of Finch was transformed into floors of pure terror. Residents of Finch put on their costumes and frightened any students that made their way through the four floors of frights. After the festivities, however, it was time to hang up the kangaroo costume and make one of the biggest decisions of my academic career.

Selecting Your Major

This semester I entered as an undecided freshman with a bit of an idea of what I was interested in studying. Hearing how others enjoy their majors was a huge factor in finally making the decision. This semester I took general education courses to prepare for choosing my major. When you enter HPU as a freshman you are assigned an Academic Advisor and a Peer Mentor. These two people are basically your lifelines when it comes to planning your years at school. I’ve decided to claim my major as Strategic Communication and now can begin taking core classes required for that major. There was no rush to decide my major and my roommate has already decided to change his major. This is not the time to have your mind made up, it is the time to experiment and make mistakes. I highly recommend entering High Point as an undecided student and experimenting.

Wednesday Night Live

I also want to talk about the past week and what has been going on here on campus. This past Wednesday we had the awesome experience of having a stand up performace from Anjelah Johnson who is known for her Bon Qui Qui skit. This performance was part of a series called Wednesday Night Live here on campus where we’ve had different comedic performances. I enjoyed this performance this week. It was a nice change of pace from planning next semester’s course schedule.

Applied Yet?

I know some of you out there are on top of the game and have already applied with the Early Decision deadline just behind us and the Early Action deadline on Monday. I highly recommend you apply! As an early applicant you will have your options with priority housing and the earliest registration dates. I myself was an Early Decision applicant and registered for classes as early as March! It is also a great relief to have the college selection process completed and have HPU know that you are fully committed to your future at this extraordinary school!

Well, I’m off to get ready for Thanksgiving break and final exams. Next time I’ll show you guys how HPU suits up for the Holiday Season! 🙂