The Final Week

Hey everyone! I’m back and uploading this post from one of the convenient conference rooms in the Phillips school of Business! Not only does HPU offer 24-hour library service, but also study halls around the many renovated buildings on campus. With final exams beginning on Friday, these rooms are packed with students studying and getting work done before they can start packing for the ride home.

Phillips Conference Room

Exam Breaks

Students are starting to get stressed with the three hour exams that are coming up next week and I’m definitely one of them! Although there may be study gaps between exams, the general stress of studying can seem overwhelmings. Luckily, HPU hosts events known as “Exam Breaks” and brings in outside organizations to serve food to students who want a break from cramming their heads into textbooks.

Exam Break

High Point Ambassadors

Located throughout the beautiful campus here, there are many opportunities for students to be employed through the school. Jobs range from Seminar Usher, Resident Assistant, or the program I applied to known as a High Point Ambassador. Ambassadors host prospective students as they tour the HPU campus and learn more about the school. The application to be an ambassador requires a faculty member recommendation and a list of campus activities. With this in mind, a student must be an active participant in class and demonstrate personable characteristics. I thought this position would be great for me and would provide me with an excellent addition to my resume.

High Point Ambassador

I’ll be heading home next Saturday and will be spending the few weeks home working at the same location as my summer internship. When I come back I’ll be taking some of the communication classes for my new declared major of Strategic Communication. I’ll be sure to let you all know how the new semester starts!

Happy Holidays!