Coming Home from the Holidays

Hey everyone!

It has been a busy time both at school and back at home.  Finals finally ended and the long commute home took up much of my time. If you learn anything your first year of college it is how to travel the airports around the US with ease. (And you also learn that the holiday season makes for traveling nightmares.)

A New Schedule

With January arriving, HPU marks the start of the spring 2011 semester and the classes I’m enrolled in reflect my new Strategic Communications major. These include a course in Human Communications and in Mediated Communication. With the addition of these new courses I find myself enjoying my classes more than ever.

Planning for the Future

When I came to HPU I knew from the start where I wanted my career to go and I just didn’t know how to get there. Thanks to the Career & Internship services here on campus they helped me put myself on the right track to how to work at the company of my dreams. The program I’m interested in is known as the Disney Advantage College Program and provides work and classroom experience while living close to one of the Disney theme parks. After the college program, they offer professional internship opportunities, which would be the best course of action for me to secure a career with the Disney corporation. Fortunately, I don’t have to tackle the process alone. The internship services here on campus told me what would be required of me for the school to approve the program and also my individual major’s requirements. Now that I have that all figured out, things are a lot less stressful and I feel better knowing that HPU is on my side during the journey to my career.

Disney College Program

Well that brings you up to speed on what’s been happening here on campus with the new year! I’ll be back in a few weeks to bring you more about what is happening during my second semester here at HPU!