Introducing Lara

My name is Lara Greenacre and I promise…

– To correct you if you say my name wrong.

The first time, I will just say LA-RUH not LOW-RUH. The second time I will make you sing, ready?

La La La La La La La La ruhhhhhhhh

– To make you question my Arizona-ness.

I was born and raised in Scottsdale, AZ (but live in Illinois now.) I grew up surfing on the California coast CONSTANTLY and spent summers at a summer camp on Catalina Island. Because of my hard-earned Cali girl badge, I say hella, like, super, stoked, gnarly, (insert surf slang here), and talk about In-N-Out Burger all the time. It will annoy you… but the only thing that might annoy you more is that I went to boarding school in Wisconsin where they call a drinking fountain a bubbler, say pop instead of soda, and say bag as if they are saying beg.

– To constantly be a fireball of contradictions (like a starburst)

I have a seriously unhealthy love for shoes (mostly boots and high-heels, preferably together) but would be the happiest girl alive if I could go camping on a weekly basis. Rain makes me downright giddy (it would make you giddy if you lived in a desert for 17 years too) but thunderstorms make me want to hide under the covers. I act like a total goof but will ROAST you if you ever try to say that blondes are stupid…try me. I can be really quiet and shy when I’m tired or thinking but I am one of the single most outgoing, judgment-free, happy people you will ever meet. I am absolutely in love with any TV shows or movies where there are cops, crazy people, explosions, or blood and gore but have a slightly ridiculous passion for Glee. I listen to everything from some good ol’ JBiebs to Rusko to Tupac. I hate football but throw a mean spiral. I would rather sit in a park playing catch than going to get my nails done. Ninety-nine percent of the time I act way older than I am but I promise you’ll hear me call someone a poopface or a sillygoose.

– To get the hiccups for multiple hours every week.

(this one’s pretty self-explanatory)

– To talk to you about how awesome the girl that I’m rooming with is.

Her name is Kristina and holy moley can you say dream roomie?! Gotta love High Point’s system! We are going to be on the fourth floor of University Center and our door will always be open! 🙂

– To change my major a few times.

Right now the plan is Spanish and Psychology. Pre-law is the real plan..but we shall see.

– But mostly, to do my best to never ever bore or lie to you.

In person or on here.

I will never sugar-coat anything (my inability to lie is both a blessing and a curse), will always crack a joke when there is tension, post something random and silly, or throw study break dance parties in my room when things get dull.

Eventually I promise to come up with shnazzzzy things to say every time I finish a post but I don’t think quoting Ron Burgandy works right now haha.


(Oh I also promise to ramble…a lot…sorrrrrry)