Got Socks?

Oh hey there! What’s up? How are you? Oh that’s great! I’m okay, just dying of a heat stroke and boredom in good ol’ Springfield, IL. Are you excited for school? Because I know I am. Oh no, no sarcasm really… I AM SO EXCITED! AHHHHHHHHHH! If you are stressing out about getting ready, packing, and shopping – take a deep breath, count to 10, and keep reading. I have a few pointers to give you about school away from home. What are my credentials, you ask? Three years at boarding school.


Point #1

The first point that I need to get across, and the one that is the hardest for everyone, myself included, to grasp is the concept of DOWNSIZING. Guys, you are just as guilty as us girls at this so don’t sit there and snicker that YOU won’t overpack, because you will. I promise. Here’s the deal, girls – no matter how cute those 8 white, flowy, super flattering shirts are, you need 2 or 3 of them at most. And guys, you don’t need 18 pairs of basketball shorts. BREATHE. It will be okay.

Here is my rule:

IF YOU HAVEN’T WORN IT IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS (unless you just bought it) DO NOT BRING IT!

It’s not that complicated…really. You will thank me once you realize how big of a pain it is to have some of your clothes in the cabinets above your mini-fridge because you ran out of closet room.


Point #2

You can never have enough Febreeze or Lysol.


Febreeze and Lysol are great. God’s gifts to people with smelly, unclean roommates, suitemates, or who simply like to have their room not smell like a typical college dorm room. Everyone (especially girls) loves to walk into a room and have it smell good (especially when it’s a guys room, bonus points). You could spray your expensive cologne all over before a chick comes to hang out but try to be economical boys. And they make scents that aren’t very girly so you have no excuse. Febreeze and occasional cleanings with some Lysol wipes can do wonders for both you and your roommate’s sanity, not to mention your general hygiene.


Point #3


Sleeping through classes is an extremely hard thing to do with your mother/father/sibling banging down the door to your room. When you live on the same plot of land as your classes it is much, much easier to snooze through a lecture, or three. No matter how many alarms you can set on your phone it is a terrible idea to rely solely on that magical piece of plastic to wake you up. Take it from the queen of sleeping through 15, YES FIFTEEN, different alarms, set 2 minutes apart, on her phone.

Seriously people, buy two alarm clocks, or an ihome and an alarm clock, or SOMETHING (yes your phone does work as part of this equation) that can make an obnoxious noise at a specific time and an alarm clock. Put one right next to your bed for the days that you are a chipper little buddy and wake up ready to frolic in the flowers and dance in the sun, and one as far away from your bed as possible for the days when you have to literally be annoyed out of bed. If you don’t do something along these lines I hope you already started praying that your roommate is one of those crazy people who never needs coffee or energy drinks. Oh, and it also helps if your roommate knows when you have to be in class. If they like you they might just wake you up.


Point #4

You will forget something.

Packing for school is an extremely stressful and confusing thing to do so chances are you won’t get it down to a science, ever. (If you do please contact me and tell me your secret.) When you figure out just what it is that you forgot, don’t stress yourself out over it. Almost every problem is solvable.

I transferred to my boarding school at the second semester and forgot SOCKS. It was winter in Wisconsin and I had no socks. Imagine an Eskimo without those awesome fury jackets that they all wear and you can pretty much grasp the level of my problem. I thought that I was going to have to trudge around campus in snow dampened boots until my parents sent me my socks. But in a moment of clarity I asked around the dorm and found a girl who had one of those little cardboard wrapped bundles of socks. She hadn’t used them yet and she gave me all 10 to save my poor little toes. Plain white Hanes socks had never been that beautiful to me before.

Now let me tell you, my boarding school had nowhere near as many welcoming and nice people as High Point (mostly because there were only about 230 kids but let’s just ignore that fact for now). If someone there was willing to help me out I promise you, someone at HPU WILL be your size, WILL use the same toothpaste as you, WILL have an extra pillow, and WILL be willing to let you borrow whatever it is that you forgot until your parents can send it to you…unless you forgot underwear. You’re on your own with that one.


As much as most of us hate having to think during the summer, the real key to being materialistically ready for college is OVER-thinking everything that you pack. Use your brains folks, you got into High Point so I know that you have them!


Still trying to think of something to sign off with…any recommendations?