Thoughts on America, Friends, and the Freshman 15


It’s a little bit odd but I’m writing this post on September 11th and can’t seem to shake a somber mood. It doesn’t help that I’m listening to Boyce Avenue Acoustic radio on Pandora and my suite-mates (who are usually all crazy and loud) are being boring and doing homework…pshhhh. Alas, we are at High Point, and we all know that President Qubein would never let a day such as this go by without paying tribute in as many ways as possible. I saw one of these ways while walking to return a book to a friend today and couldn’t help but take in the scene for a moment.

As a country we have an amazing ability to be resilient and move past tragedies. So, as much as I would like to continue writing about this topic I feel like dwelling too much on the sadness that is already so evident on this day instead of focusing on what I am blessed with is almost un-American. I’m just going to skip trying to come up with some awkward transition and jump right into what I have spent the last week planning out in my head.

Which is simply how lucky myself and every High Point student is. Even if they are not loving it as much as they planned I don’t think anyone can honestly say that they don’t like it here.

I guess you could say it’s not very hard to make friends here. But, if you are having trouble I hope you are as lucky I am when it comes to your roommates and suite-mates.  I hear stories about how people don’t mesh with their suite-mates and all I can think of is, that stinks because mine are AMAZING. Between them, my roommate, and our “adopted suite-mate” I have four girls that I bonded so strongly with by the second night that I know I will have friends for the rest of my life. Let’s be realistic though, you have to branch out somehow right?. And you can make friends ANYWHERE here. Every day is practically a contest to see the weirdest place you can make friends. The UC laundry room? Check. The elevator? Check. Sitting outside of the dorm while cooking 20 burgers on a tiny griddle? Check. (They all just wanted food.)

Our lives practically revolve around food. I would say that gaining the “Freshmen 15” is an easy thing to do here but there are so many places that you can workout you almost have no excuse not to. My suite-mate Lexie drags my lazy butt to the gym on a regular basis to prevent my daily Bakery visits from going straight to my booty. If you are one of those girls, or one of those guys who believes in the stereotype that girls can’t eat unhealthily and still stay in shape, you have not met us yet. Life in college is all about achieving a BALANCE. Homework, sleep, friends, fun, food, and health all have to be given their time in your schedule. It’s rough at first but with some help it’s extremely easy to accomplish. It also doesn’t hurt if you make friends who are smart, athletic, or extremely good cooks. (Like myself.)

This post isn’t going as smoothly as they usually do, maybe it’s the day, the fact I have a cough, or that I can’t stop thinking about going to get a brownie from The Pointe for dessert, but I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Next time I promise for a ridiculously upbeat and happy post, especially since the next time you will be reading a new one from me it will be MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 🙂 I leave you with this photo from girls night to stir your appetite…and also show you what kind of snacks I like incase you feel the need to give me a birthday treat.