Pretty Inspired. Just Sayin.

You know what inspires me?


Okay…maybe it doesn’t. But we had some rainy and grey days last week. Of course, that only motivates you to stay in bed right? Not here! Okay…maybe here too. But can you imagine if we went to a school that was just average instead of extraordinary? It would not be fun to walk around campus.

Despite there being a beautiful campus out the door and 3 floors down…I have still become accustomed to taking at least one nap a day :). In between taking notes, reading, writing an essay, and starting projects of course!


But in ALL SERIOUSNESS…I think I speak for hundreds of HPU students when I say the Farmer’s Market is the BEST place on campus. Don’t get me wrong, High Point has some pretty aweso — I mean extraordinary places to eat on campus. But not all of those places have Miss Terri, the ray of sunshine who greets everyone with a big smile and voice when she says “Hey there, welcome to the Farmer’s Market!” as she swipes their passport.

At the Farmer’s Market, everyone is inspired to be healthy with the delicious soups, fresh salad combinations, PB&J mystery sandwiches, pasta, panini’d sandwiches and everyone’s favorite dessert…frozen yogurt! What’s the downside to the Farmer’s Market, you may ask? NOTHING. Except for the fact that it isn’t open on the weekends. 🙁

And if for some reason that doesn’t inspire you…B.o.B was here! If you were cool enough to be one of the 3 guests that HPU students can bring, you probably knew that already.

Adam Keelan, an HPU student who opened up for him was pretty awesome too!

But anyway, your favorite 5 bloggers (as well as multiple other lucky HPU students) got backstage backstage passes to meet him and take a picture with him!




<— see? (Alex, John, B.o.B, Kyle & I)





Well, it’s time to make my suitemates listen to me practice my speech that’s due Wednesday…but feel free to creep on the adventures that take place around this magical place by following @HPUDormRoom, for random tweet updates from Caroline, Lara, John, Nick, and myself!