Oh Happy Day

First I would like to begin this post by saying


Yes that is right, October 17th is my birthday. Oh Happy Day.

Anyways I have one wish for my birthday from whoever reads this- Go hug your parents. I went to boarding school so I have gotten used to being away from home for long periods of time but I can honestly tell you that I ran to hug my mother at the airport on Sunday (Fall break, YAY!). You owe your life to them (do I need to have the birds & bees talk with anyone?). Whether or not they are cool, fun, or the best parents ever in the history of the whole wide world you still owe them. And whether you are applying to High Point or at High Point they probably had (or will have) a huge part in that decision. Don’t spend your senior year itching to get out of the house or your freshmen year not calling them.

They care about you more than you will ever know.

Oh and…

(if you don’t get the parent relevance in this maybe we do need to have that talk)