Just One Year Ago…

Oh crap, I have to finish my college apps.

That was the thought that most often flashed through my mind for the first half senior year. You see, my school had a little catch that came along with graduation, you HAD to get into and enroll in a college in order to graduate. For most people that would not be an issue but being the paranoid overachiever that I am, I was sure I wouldn’t get into any school that I wanted to go to.

I had 9 schools picked out to apply to, and then one day my suite-mate (I went to boarding school if you haven’t read past posts) finally drove me insane talking about this little school in North Carolina that I had NEVER EVEN HEARD OF.

“What in the world could be so special about High Point University?” I asked her.

“Just look it up already! You will love it, I promise!”

So with that I began to do a little google-ing, and then some more, and then some more.  At first I thought uhm HELLO STEPFORD WIVES-COLLEGE VERSION?. I was skeptical that such a perfect fit for me could exist, in North Carolina of all places. But I put my doubts aside and by the end of that weekend I had completed my application.

The next step was scholarship. Despite what some people seem to believe, everyone at High Point does not take baths in money. If I was going to go to this beautiful school I HAD to get a scholarship. So I began filling out the Presidential Scholarship Application (Click here for it!). I hadn’t gotten into the school yet but thats the great part, you don’t have to know if you are in or not to apply for scholarship. All you have to do is fill that out, write some short essays, and come for interviews in February. Even if you don’t get a lot of scholarship money the scholarship weekend is so much fun! I met so many amazing students and faculty members and that was when I truly fell in love with High Point University.

Now I’m going to be completely honest with you, my GPA in high school was not very pretty. I had amazing test scores and boat loads of extracurriculars and varsity sports participation but my freshmen year of high school I slacked, hard, and my GPA greatly suffered for it. I was worried that this one thing could bring me down and prevent me from being able to go to HPU. But when I came for interviews (and my first ever visit) in February all my fears were banished. You sit in a room with two professors and two students and it is actually…well…a blast. They ask you about your self, compliment you, and just try to honestly see what kind of student and person you are. They are all nice as can be and make you feel so comfortable. (One of the girls that interviewed me still regularly checks up on me to see how I am doing.)

The best part was one of the professors even commented on my grades and said something along the lines of “The fact that you could take your grades from this your freshmen year to all A’s in honors classes senior year shows me more about you than someone whose transcript just read straight A’s.” And with that I received the scholarship I needed. It’s not just about your grades or test scores, so if you are hesitant to apply for scholarship because of those don’t worry, High Point is more interested in having the total package. A bunch of stereotypical straight A 35 on the ACT students wouldn’t give this place the absolutely amazing environment that it has.

Well…I’m about to go take a nap (and possibly cuddle with the teddy bear that President Qubein just gave us all) then go off to my last class of the day.  Maybe I’ll see you on Facebook sometime – be sure to join the class of 2016 group once admitted! Details on how to join will be in your acceptance packet and you won’t want to miss out!