So how ’bout that weather….

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this post is a little bit late and short, as I’m sure ya’ll know, the holidays can get a just a little bit crazy. “little” HA! I just spent the last weekend visiting with TONS of family for Christmas and before that I pretty much slept for a week straight. But now I have to admit, I’m kind of already itching to go back to school and start my new classes.

Now, I have just one thing to talk about in this post and that is everyone’s favorite awkward small talk subject, weather. A small part of why I was so excited to go to HPU was because of the absolutely amazing weather that North Carolina has. Some people complain about how it goes from chilly to warm in the same week but I personally love being able to wear my boots and scarves one day and go to the pool, despite it being December, the next! <3

BUT when I go home for Christmas I want snow! And there is absolutely none. I love snow (in small doses) and despite three winters at boarding school in freezing Wisconsin, I have yet to make a snowman. Hopefully it will snow enough for me to make one at least one time at High Point. Rumor has it that it occasionally does that. Even more, I hope that someone will make a stinking snow man with me!!!!

I will let you all know how that goes, and also let you know all the details and amazingness that I can about RUSH on my next post!!

Hope you guys and gals had an amazing holiday and have an extraordinary rest of your break annnnd if you do make a snowman (lucky ducks) be sure to put some Panther Purple on it somewhere!!!