*Cough Cough*

I think that we can all agree that getting sick is no fun at all. (DUH, silly statement I know.) In high school you can just have your parents call in and get you excused for the day but, sadly, it doesn’t work that way in college. There are essentially no excused absences. You miss a certain amount of class and some teachers will drop you, no questions asked. When I came back from winter break sick as a dog I was genuinely worried that my teachers would ALL drop me from their classes like a hot potato and not even care why I missed class.

I was SO wrong.

The teachers at HPU actually care. *GASP* I know. I missed almost the entire first week of classes because I was either curled up in bed with a fever being waited on by my amazing roommate (She really is the best roommate ever, love youuuu!) or at the doctors office getting put on countless different medicines attempting to make me feel better (I got pretty tight with the nurses at the student health center and urgent care clinic down the street). I didn’t even have the brain power to remember to email my teachers until about half way through the first week. I made sure to sound as pleading and pathetic as possible because I was so scared of being dropped and having no good options for classes for the whole semester.
My schedule is PERFECT so this would not have been okay. At all.


Low and behold I received emails back from each of them that said something along the lines of “I’m so sorry you are feeling so sick! Get better soon. I am more than happy to help you catch up with whatever you need help on!” They all went out of their way to meet with me to catch me up. They then (almost all) continued to check in on me via email to see if I was feeling better.


The entire situation was shocking to me. I went to a boarding school where the teachers were really close to the students. I would have expected this there, but everyone who graduated and went off to college came back with tales of how they hated that college professors didn’t care as much as we were used to. (I mean we were all used to teachers and dorm parents who would take us on 2:30AM McDonalds runs.)


Despite the fact that High Point is a decent size school, the teachers really do care. My friends that went to huge public high schools think it’s weird that you can confide in the teachers here, but to me it makes this place feel a little bit more like home. (OMG I SOUND SO CHEESY I KNOW!)


Yup, I’m still sick as a dog, but at least I’m a dog in heaven (Please tell me at least one of you gets the movie reference here…)