‘Tis the Season

The Christmas season is in full swing here at High Point University. Campus looks much like what I would imagine the North Pole would be like (well minus the snow of course)! Holiday carols fill the air as nutcrackers stand guard on the Kester International Promenade.


The holidays are a great time to reflect and be thankful for all the many blessings we have. I am thankful for HPU and for the donors and trustee who contribute to the Presidential Scholarship Program. Receiving this scholarship made coming to High Point financially possible for me. I am also thankful to be a part of a university that encourages its students to give back to the community. This holiday season, HPU is spreading the value of joy to those who were impacted by the tragic affects of Hurricane Sandy. Through HPU Care, students are hosting numerous fundraising events and the university is matching every dollar raised by the students to support relief and rebuilding efforts through the American Red Cross. I am also thankful for my wonderful family and all of the opportunities they have given me.


Speaking of family, HPU is currently welcoming the newest members of the High Point University Family, the Class of 2017! Congratulations to those who have been admitted, and on behalf of the Dorm Room bloggers, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was in your shoes. I remember running down the driveway screaming when my acceptance package came in the mail and I imagine you’ve done the same.


I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!

Until next time,