Happy New Year!


Greetings from High Point University!

I hope that you and your family enjoyed the holiday season.  Can you believe that it’s 2013?!


The admissions committee at High Point University has started making decisions, which means that letters have already started hitting the mail.   In this post, I wanted to discuss our Wait List, which is one of the options that our admissions committee has while reviewing all of the wonderful applicants to HPU.


If you were put on the Wait List, I understand that the letter that you received may have been a disappointment.  Please know that our application pool this year was very rigorous, as we have been gaining national prestige and recognition.  Our admissions committee had a very tough time trying to choose from the great group of students that applied this year.  Unfortunately, this means that we could not accept everyone outright.


That being said, while being put on the Wait List might not have been the decision that you were looking for, it is not a bad thing.  In fact, being put on the Wait List means that we really want you here as a member of our community next year!  We saw something in your application that showed us that you had the potential to be a great fit here.  We just want to see a little more.


This is your time to shine now.  This is your time to show us that you really do belong here at High Point.  If we have asked for another test score, be sure to sign up for the next available testing time.  If we asked for updated grades, have those sent to us as soon as you can.  Our Wait List works differently than other schools.  We will make a new admissions decision as soon as we get more information from you.  The faster you get us these updates, the sooner you will hear back from us.


So get pumped, get excited, and get ready to show us that you are extraordinary!

If you have any questions about this process, do not hesitate to contact your personal admissions counselor at any time.  Their information can be found here:

Find Your Counselor


Happy New Year, and good luck!