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52 Weeks #HighPointHappy: Finals, as told by Elf on the Shelf

    Finals week is tough — probably the toughest of the whole semester. But our HPU Elf on the Shelf, Wrenn, is here to offer you some advice.             Stay calm and don’t get stage fright. You know the information — you’ve been preparing for an entire semester. This […]
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52 Weeks #HighPointHappy: Going Down in History

November 17, 2014 On this day in history:  Elizabeth I acceded to the English throne upon the death of Queen Mary. U.S. Congress held its first session in Washington, D.C. in the partially completed Capitol building. The Walt Disney animated feature “The Little Mermaid” opened in wide release. And you officially applied as an Early […]
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52 Weeks #HighPointHappy: ED Application Seussification

Today your Early Decision application is due, you’ll soon find out if you’ll be attending High Point U! Ever wonder what would happen if Dr. Seuss worked at HPU? We bet it would go a little like this…         Halloween has passed, the treats and the tricks, And HPU’s Early Decision deadline has […]
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The Sky is the Limit

On Wednesday, March 20, High Point University welcomed some of North Carolina’s most innovative entrepreneurs to an entrepreneurial roundtable discussion, moderated by our very own, Dr. Nido Qubein. This event was open to the public, and of course, free of charge for the High Point University student body. This roundtable included incredibly successful entrepreneurs who […]
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Just Around the Corner

This time last year I was in your shoes. I had paid my deposit, picked my classes at Early Registration in March, and interacted with many of my soon to be future classmates and friends. I couldn’t wait to be at HPU, which was clear to my family and friends because it was all I […]
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Parent to Parent: Top 10 Tips for Success in College

Wow, parents, can you believe in just a few months we’ll be helping you unload carfuls of dorm supplies, cool purple stuff and welcoming your pride and joy to his or her new college home? As you consider this time of transition, it might be helpful to take some time over the summer one-on-one to […]
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The Value of High Point University

Greetings! Spring finally feels like it’s sprung here at High Point University, and we are all excited for some warmer weather and for all of the great things that come with April.  This is the last month for our students that are graduating this year, and while this is a very bittersweet thing to think […]
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March Madness

Greetings future Panthers! I hope that your spring has sprung, because it certainly has here at High Point University.  For you prospective freshmen that are still buried in the snow, remember that your time in North Carolina is right around the corner!   It’s March Madness time here at High Point, and because we are […]
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Row Row Row Your Boat, Thank You HPU!

  This past weekend presented a major landmark for athletics here at High Point University, which is ironic because it happened to be on the WATER. High Point’s Crew team (rowing) is not even a year old, yet they have managed to accomplish what normally takes a crew team up to 5 years to set […]
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A Beautiful Day To Get Involved

The weather is beginning to change and it’s a beautiful day here at HPU! Something that isn’t changing on campus is the involvement and leadership opportunities available to students.   One of the first things that attracted me to High Point University was the fact that it was an active university, on campus and in […]
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Service on Spring Break

I cannot believe my freshman year of college is coming to an end, already. It’s just about time for Spring Break here at High Point University, which means midterms are coming to a close. Are you nervous about exams in college? Don’t be, because at High Point University, the professors genuinely care about their students, […]
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What our parents are saying…

Everyday we receive correspondences from parents sharing their excitement, appreciation, and satisfaction regarding their child’s education and experiences at High Point University. These are just a few examples of what our parents are saying… “Just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for delivering what you promised.  Our son just graduated with […]
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  High Point University is set to host an entrepreneurship roundtable discussion. Several highly regarded business leaders will serve as panelists. High Point University is excited to have so many influential minds in one room. It will be a great experience for students and all in attendance. Participants serving in the event include: Gov. Pat McCrory, […]
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Experience is Key

Sometimes people ask me how it is being a biology major and having “all of those science courses.” Honestly, the thing that I enjoy most about my chemistry and biology classes is putting the things I’ve learned into practice and learning about how others are doing the same. Science classes aren’t just sitting around and […]
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Presidential Scholarship Weekend

Presidential Scholarship Weekend is an exciting time at High Point University! I remember being super excited to get back on the beautiful HPU campus but I was also a little nervous about the interview portion of the weekend. My guess is your emotions are pretty similar. I’m here to tell you, be confident and really […]
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HPU Takes on the Harlem Shake!

As the sun shined and weather rose up to the high sixties, I hatched the idea to make a “Harlem Shake” video for High Point. Little did I know that with such little planning and advanced notice, High Point’s students and faculty would rally around to make the event a total success. The “Harlem Shake” […]
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Our Newest Addition

Aloha future Panthers! I hope that our friends up north are digging out from all the snow.  I’m originally from Maine, and I know all about getting a huge amount of snow at one time.  That’s why I moved to North Carolina in the first place.  For those of you that are ready to get […]
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Guest Blog: So Many Majors, Such Little Time

  Hey there! My name is Kyle Berube. I am 19 years old and from Long Island, New York. I am a sophomore at HPU, with a major in Journalism, and minors in both Marketing and Human Relations. I am a member of the Media Fellows Program, and I am a part of a bunch […]
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Home Sweet High Point

I want to take a few seconds and congratulate all of you who have been accepted to High Point University, as of recently. I will never forget the day I received my acceptance letter, for it was truly the beginning of a new, incredible chapter of my life.   But enough about that, let’s talk […]
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Tips To Ensure A Successful Freshman Enrollment Process

As a father of three I know all to well the mixture of emotions that high school seniors and parents are currently experiencing. Whether it’s the first child you’re sending to college or the fifth, the enrollment process can at times be overwhelming. There is no roadmap or instructions on how to conquer the transition […]
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Getting On the Right Path

WAIT. IT’S ALREADY SECOND SEMESTER? IT’S ALMOST THE END OF JANUARY? WHAT?!   Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels like you have all the time in the world, and other times, it feels like there is simply not enough. It’s easy to fall into the “all the time in the world” trap during […]
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Early Decision 2

  Greetings Future Panthers!   I hope that you are having a fantastic 2013 so far.  Seniors, I am sure that you are having a great last semester of high school.  Right now, you are more than likely starting to finalize your college decision, which means that this is a very exciting time for you.   […]
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‘Tis the Season

The Christmas season is in full swing here at High Point University. Campus looks much like what I would imagine the North Pole would be like (well minus the snow of course)! Holiday carols fill the air as nutcrackers stand guard on the Kester International Promenade.   The holidays are a great time to reflect […]
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I’m thankful for…

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a few days away? I certainly can’t.  I have definitely had more than enough time to reflect on the things I am thankful for, and I couldn’t be more excited to head back home to New York and spend Thanksgiving at home, with my family. However, we, the students […]
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So much to be thankful for…

Greetings future Panthers! I hope that you are doing well and that you are excited for the Thanksgiving holiday that is right around the corner.  Our students here at High Point University are very excited, and you can tell that by the signs that they made last week as a part of our Gratitude Project. […]
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From the Darkness Comes Light

Luckily, it has been a beautiful couple of weeks here at High Point but it goes without saying that the destruction that Sandy left behind still hangs heavy on the hearts of High Point’s students. With so many of us hailing from the North, like me, countless people have been affected in some way by […]
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  All the families in the path of Hurricane Sandy are in our thoughts and prayers. Let me share with you the message President Qubein sent to the HPU Family today about our involvement to help in this recovery effort for the many families affected.   Dear Staff: All those in the path of Hurricane […]
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Application Season is in Full Swing

We are in full application season now as applications are pouring in from around the country and across the globe.  With just over a week until our Early Decision deadline of November 1st and two weeks until our November 8th Early Action deadline, application activity is running well ahead of last year at this time. […]
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