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Parent to Parent: Top 10 Tips for Success in College

Wow, parents, can you believe in just a few months we’ll be helping you unload carfuls of dorm supplies, cool purple stuff and welcoming your pride and joy to his or her new college home? As you consider this time of transition, it might be helpful to take some time over the summer one-on-one to […]
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A New Chapter

The 2012-2013 school year is off to a tremendous start. Classes started only a week ago and campus is full of familiar and new faces, which includes over 1300 new students! These students have already participated in some of HPU’s time-honored traditions such as the Signing of the University Honor Code, The Touch of Life […]
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Dad’s Top Ten Tips for College Success

Greetings parents!  Many of you were in attendance for Early Registration this past weekend, where I read a list of tips I gave to my daughter when she left for college.  As promised, I’m sharing it with you here in The Wrenn Room.  I encourage you to share this list with your son or daughter, […]
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College Prep 101: Tips for Parents

The following was written by the incredibly experienced, caring and talented Counseling Services staff here at High Point University.  As my wife and I watch our third child go to college this fall, we  have found suggestions like these to be very helpful in the midst of such big life changes.  I hope you will […]
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