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52 Weeks of #HighPointHappy: Best of [HPU] Summer 2014

      As we celebrate Labor Day today, the time has come for us to start saying our goodbyes to Summer 2014. This being said, it’s fitting that we celebrate the third week of our 52 weeks of #HighPointHappy by commemorating Summer 2014.    Our Summer-2014-In-Review brings you the top 10 stories and images […]
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Row Row Row Your Boat, Thank You HPU!

  This past weekend presented a major landmark for athletics here at High Point University, which is ironic because it happened to be on the WATER. High Point’s Crew team (rowing) is not even a year old, yet they have managed to accomplish what normally takes a crew team up to 5 years to set […]
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…and I kind of LOVE it! Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Chilly weather, changing leaves, hot chocolate, warm clothes, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and bonfires (just to name a few things) are definitely a nice break from the sweltering heat of summer. Also, with fall comes another one of my favorite things…FALL BREAK! I can’t […]
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We’re HERE!

Hi! *waves* If you didn’t already know, this past weekend was the beginning of week-long move-in shenanigans! Saturday was the actual move-in day, but you can’t just end it there! All on that ONE day you: unpack your stuff, set up your room, have lunch with friends (if you’ve told your parents to shoo), eat […]
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A Steakhouse on Campus!

I cannot believe the semester is almost over! The first half of my freshman year has flown by, almost as if someone has hit the fast forward button. I have been so busy with studies, friends, and cheerleading that I haven’t even noticed that the semester was ending until I turned my calendar to December… […]
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Welcome to The HPU Dorm Room

Hello future HPU students! My name is Dulce Winders (that’s DUL-see), and I would like to welcome you to My Dorm Room. Okay, you’re right, I don’t officially have a dorm room yet, but I will in approximately four months! Who are you? I am a senior in high school in Lake Oconee, GA and […]
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