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52 Weeks of #HighPointHappy: Best of [HPU] Summer 2014

      As we celebrate Labor Day today, the time has come for us to start saying our goodbyes to Summer 2014. This being said, it’s fitting that we celebrate the third week of our 52 weeks of #HighPointHappy by commemorating Summer 2014.    Our Summer-2014-In-Review brings you the top 10 stories and images […]
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One day she’ll be your “Floss Boss”

Teeth! You mostly think of your own, how they form a smile, how white they are and probably the dentist and your major fear of him or her, as most people tend to tell me. But…did you forget what they’re mostly there for? Think about it…that’s right – for food! Well, for grinding and breaking […]
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Bonners take on the HPU Ropes Course

The Millis Estate: A Donation that offers an outer body experience for students Donated in late 2011, the 22-acre Millis Estate offers a house to be used for professional meetings and retreats, as well as tons of open outdoor space. Not only is the Millis Estate often used for paintball (one of the awesome events […]
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A month of philanthropy

October was a busy month on High Point University’s campus. Between Alumni Weekend, midterm exams and Fall Break, it is amazing that students have had the time to come together to help those who deserve it most. The Greek community on campus works tremendously hard to promote their philanthropies, and October was a month full […]
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Bonner what?

“Bonner What?” “Bonner Love!”   Above are the two things I heard the most this two weekends ago at one of the Bonner Foundation’s annual conferences, Bonner Congress. Two-four representatives from each of the 70+ Bonner Colleges come to the host school to develop a big idea project for their program, receive feedback and network […]
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How Briayna keeps busy

I told you in my bio that I was very involved here on campus, now let me tell you just how involved! Campus Concierge, Peer Mentor, Civitan Club, The Bonner Leader Program… these are just some of the things I’m involved in, and only a brief look at some of the 50+ campus clubs, organizations […]
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Meet the new bloggers: Briayna Cuffie

Hey! My name is Briayna Cuffie, and I am a junior here at HPU. I am an International Relations and Sociology double major, and Anthropology minor. I am from Annapolis, Maryland! I speak Spanish and am functional in Arabic. My goal once I came to HPU was to involved everywhere on campus, and I’ve somewhat […]
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Meet the new bloggers: Stephanie Schwartz

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie Schwartz and I am a senior from sunny Boynton Beach, Florida! I am studying Strategic Communication and Marketing, with hopes to go into corporate marketing upon graduation! In addition to being the senior blogger for the marketing team, I am a University Ambassador and the VP of PR and […]
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All the World’s a Stage

It’s really starting to feel like winter’s coming in High Point! I’ve had to break out all my newly acquired warm clothing and face the fact that my days of lounging on the San Diego beaches in the middle of January are behind me. Braving the drop in temperature has been worth it though—the campus […]
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I can’t believe it’s only been a little over a week that I’ve been at High Point University! I feel like I’ve spent at least a month learning from my inspiring professors, having fun with my new friends and eating yummy sandwiches at the Great Day Bakery! I am so happy to be on campus at […]
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Introducing Georgie…

Hey there! I’m Georgie, and as you’ve probably guessed by now (or not), that’s just a nickname. My real name is Georgesula… …*crickets* It’s easy to pronounce, I promise!. I was born and raised in North Carolina, so while the other bloggers drive for what may seem like forever or have to catch a flight […]
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Introducing Summer…

What has two thumbs and an unusual love for marine invertebrates, comes from San Diego, and has already been on the High Point campus for 22 days? This girl!   While the majority of my fellow freshmen are still pouring over their packing lists and trying to calm their pre-college butterflies, I’ve been taking classes […]
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Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega!   Confused? That’s the Greek alphabet my friends, and if you plan on rushing here at High Point University, you will know that thing like the back of your hand!  There are tons of […]
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Well folks, summer is upon us!  At High Point University, students have completed another successful year and are off spending the summer completing internships, conducting research and having a little fun too! Each year on the last day of classes at HPU, we throw a huge celebration for our students called PantherPalooza.  This year, Gavin […]
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