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B.S. Interior Design – Program of Study

Interior Design Program of Study

The Interior Design curriculum is fairly rigid in that virtually all INT courses must be taken in the semester and year in which they are listed. The freshmen courses (1000-level) may be taken in any order. They simply need to be completed before starting any of the 2000-level courses. General education requirements (like math and english) are more flexible, but have been included to indicate the general number of courses one might take per semester.
Fall Semester
Spring Semester

Year 1

INT 1100 Design and Society (4)
ENG 1103 (or 1101 and 1102) (4)
EXP 1101 (1)
FYS 1000 (4)
Foreign Language 1020 (4)
17 credits total

Year 1

INT 1220 Des. Comm. I: Visual Ideation (2)
INT 1280 Studio I: Form and Space (4)
Area 1: Art (ART 2050 rec.) (4)
MTH (4)
14 credits total

Year 2

INT 2120 Des. Comm. II: Vis. Abstractions (4)
INT 2140 History of Interiors I (2)
INT 2180 Studio II: Plane and Pattern (4)
Area 1: Literature (4)
PEC (1)
15 credits total

Year 2

INT 2220 Des. Comm. III: Vis. Presentation (4)
INT 2240 History of Interiors II (2)
INT 2260 Bldg. Tech. I: Construction Systems (2)
INT 2280 Studio III: The Human Factor (4)
Area 2: Social Science (PSY, SOC rec.) (4)
16 credits total

Year 3

INT 3140 History of Interiors III (2)
INT 3160 Bldg. Tech. II: Surface and Objects (4)
INT 3180 Studio IV: Programming(4)
Area 2: Social Science (PSY, SOC rec.) (4)
Lab Science (4)
18 credits total

Year 3

INT 3240 Global Issues & the Built Environment (4)
INT 3280 Studio V: Special Topics (4)
Area 1: History (4)
Free Elective (4)
16 credits total

Year 4

INT 4120 Des. Comm. IV: BIM (2)
INT 4160 Bldg. Tech. III: Building Systems (4)
INT 4180 Studio VI: Health, Safety, Welfare
Ethics (4)
Free Elective (4)
18 credits total

Year 4

INT 4200 Professionalism and Bus. Practices (2)
INT 4220 Des. Comm. V: Construction Documents (4)
INT 4280 Studio VII: Capstone (4)
Area 1: Religion (4)
14 credits total

Major Requirements – 70 credits
University Core Requirements – 50 credits
Electives – 8 credits
TOTAL – 128 credits


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