School of Art & Design

Minor in Museum Studies

Requirements for a Minor in Museum Studies  (20 credits)

Core requirements (12 credits):

  • ART 1000. Introduction to Museum Studies (4)
  • ART 2000. Art History Survey (4)
  • NPL 1250. Nonprofit Organizations and the Voluntary Sector (4)

Art History Elective (4 credits):

  • ART 3850. History of Photography (4)
  • ART 3860. Contemporary Concepts in Art (4)
  • ART 3950. Italian Renaissance 1226-1564 (4)
  • INT 2140. History of Interiors I: Western Foundations (2)
  • INT 2240. History of Interiors II: Classical Interpretations (2)
  • INT 3140. History of Interiors III: The Modern Experiment (2)
  • VMD 2235. History of Fashion (2)

Practicum or Internship (4 credits):

  • ART 3998 or 4998. Art Department Internship (4)
  • ART 3997 or 4997. Practicum in Gallery Management and Art Curation (4)

Note: Students must complete a minimum of 16 unique credits to complete the minor. If more than 4 credits from the above list of courses is embedded in a student’s major or completed for GER credit, then the faculty will work with the student to identify appropriate substitutions.

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