First Research and Creativity Symposium Allows Students to Present as Scholars


HIGH POINT, N.C., May 7, 2012 – The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works at High Point University began a new tradition this year that displays the diverse amount of knowledge HPU students gain through their studies at the university.

The first High Point University Research and Creativity Symposium was held at the end of the academic year, and it brought more than 50 students together to present research projects to fellow students, faculty and staff in Phillips Hall. They presented their research as scholars in oral and poster presentations and answered questions from the audience on their area of study.

“Having the opportunity to present individual research or creative projects helps students to develop life-long professional skills,” says Joanne Altman, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works. “These are skills that help make students more prepared for graduate school and competitive careers. Engaging in undergraduate research and sharing the outcomes with academic audiences are often transformational experiences for students.”

Oral presentations included:

- Kelsey Fraser – The Millennial Student: The Interaction Between Students and Technology in Higher Education;

- Kevin Trow – Exploring the Authentic Process of Outdoor Education: Outcomes of Participation and Traditional Career Success;

- Sterling Lund – American Beauty – A Closer Look at the Shallow Realities Behind the Illusions of Happiness;

- Nicole Chrysson – Perceived Parental Control: Implications for Autonomy and Risk-taking among College Students;

- Alicia Berry – Evaluation of an Innovative Program Utilizing School Psychologists to Train Education Majors on Response to Intervention (RtI);

- Ashlee Branch – Glamorization of Casual Sex in the Media: The Effects on Gender Roles and Sexual Behavior in Society;

- Martin Stern – Circles of Control: Security as a Public Relations and Safety Mechanism at a Liberal Arts University;

- Miah Saunders – “Ever After” (A digital story that utilizes text, video effects, images, and dialogue to build narrative.);

- Matt Domboski – Legal Developments of Free Speech During Times of War: A Study of The Civil War and World War I;

- Willem Morin – Fra Angelico: Challenging the Limits of Early Renaissance Painting;

- Allie Dearie and Kayla Buechner – Is Printmaking Art?;

- Kelsey McLaughlin – Isolation, Irony, and American Influence: Towards a New Definition of Italian Neorealism;

- Taylor Zickefoose – First in War, First in Peace and First in the American Family: The Role and Influence of First Ladies in Modern American Politics;

- Kelsey Hinchliffe – Social Media and Civic Engagement;

- Dylan McNiff and Nolan Kendrick – Sweden: A Well Adapting and Envied Economic Model;

- Salvatore Pezzino – The Mathematics of Medical Imaging;

- Allison Thomson and Elizabeth Walburg – Pythagoras of Samos;

- Bradley Taylor – Investigating the Golden Section;

- Lindsay Sugarman – The Aesthetic Effect of Florentine Renaissance Statues on Public Audiences;

- Lauren Zimmerman – Power and Sensitivity: Influences on Work Behavior;

- Samantha Allen – Real Data Fitting with Complex Analysis; and

- Courtney Bedgood, Courtney Feiman, Jared Goldenberg and DeAnna Hughes – American College Theatre Festival Scene Presentations.

Poster Presentations included:

- Robin Fain – Eye Remember: Continuing to Improve Episodic Memory;

- Lauren Reese – Seeking Connection or Protection in Close Relationships as a Function of Situational and Dispositional Factors;

- John Purcell – What Makes a Siren Sultry: Investigating the Attractiveness Stereotype in Vocal Performance;

- Rachel Sniff – The Transition from Elementary to Middle School: Understanding Achievement Loss per Student Transitional Concerns;

- Colleen Ehatt – Regional Differences In Sentencing Practices;

- Martin Stern – “Development” and Its Failures in Sub-Saharan Africa;

- Zoe Rogers – When the East Meets the West; Design of Throne Room Inspired by Ancient India and Britain

- Catherine Ruvolo – Design of a Throne Room through the Historical Moroccan Style;

- Briana Perkins – An Asian Inspired Throne Room;

- Kayla Kucerik – A Throne Room with an Antonio Gaudi Twist;

- Annie Beuker, Sarah Hudak, Meghan McCloskey, Ali Khim and Allison Soicher – Designing a Modern Public Media Center;

- Annie Beuker – Map to a New School of Art & Design;

- Caitlin Margolien – “Twelfth Night’s” Sir Toby Belch; Costume Design;

- Laura Reese – Newton’s Calculus;

- Anthony Abbate – Parasitic Beechdrops (Epifagus virginiana): A Possible Ant Pollinated Plant;

- Ashley Galway – Comparison of two different Malaise traps in Forested Plots within the Green River Basin, North Carolina;

- Amanda Starring – A Pollination Study of Hymenocallis coronaria in the Catawba River, S.C.;

- Amelia Morgan and Zak Kronquist – MRSA in the Gym: Do common cleaning supplies eliminate MRSA from standard work-out equipment?;

- Paige Coleman – Activated Psyllium for use as an Iron Chelating Agent;

- Jennifer Pearson and Miranda Zupp – An Experimental Determination of the Diffusion Coefficient of Ammonia in Glassy Polystyrene;

- Natalie Reierson and Garrett Stewart – Apoptosis Inducing Factor: Optimal pH of enzymatic function; and

- Alek Adkins – Sulfonation of Polystyrene: Turning Styrofoam

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