Extraordinary Leader: Tyler Mumford Represents Values-Based Learning

The Office of Student Life presents the Extraordinary Leader award to outstanding students each month. The entire HPU community – students, faculty and staff, make nominations, and the nominees are asked to complete a survey about their academic, social and charitable involvement on campus and in the community. A committee of HPU administrators selects the students who embody true leadership.

HPU High Point UniversityTyler Mumford, February’s Extraordinary Leader, is one of the first people a prospective student will meet when visiting High Point University, and he represents HPU with personal honor and integrity.

The junior is scheduled to graduate in May 2014. After that, he hopes to work for a “Big 4” accounting firm, and is already interviewing for a position in Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ “Elevate Leadership Program.” The selective programs give students an inside look at PwC’s culture and values. Mumford also plans to spend a second summer interning in the finance department of SAP National Security Services.

He credits Professor George Noxon, accounting, finance and economics department chair, for preparing him for life outside of HPU.

“Mr. Noxon has consistently provided me with experiential learning opportunities within the classroom, and lifelong advice outside of the classroom regarding the field of accounting. He has truly served as a role model since my first accounting class my sophomore year,” says Mumford.

Mumford is currently a University Ambassador Captain, giving tours and working at admission events for high school students and their families. He says by explaining to his tour groups why he chose to attend HPU, they can have a better understanding of what student life is really like at the university.

“I strongly believe that through connecting with the many families I have taken on tour, I have directly impacted the students who decide to attend HPU,” says Mumford.

Mumford doesn’t stop there. Once students enroll at HPU, they may run into him again in the Peer Mentor Program where he was named “Peer Mentor of the Year” in 2012 and is currently acting as interim president.

Mumford says he not only helps the freshmen in his groups, but also upperclassmen who are acting as Peer Mentors.

“I believe that through their training and experience, the upperclassmen that serve as Peer Mentors grow as individuals throughout the year by learning to empathize with others,” says Mumford.

Mumford says even outside of his extracurricular activities, he never stops being a representative of HPU.

“Integrity involves the decisions you make and the actions you take, even when no one is watching. For me, I take pride in knowing that I have continued to uphold the values of a HPU student in all that I do.”

These are just a few of the reasons Mumford chose HPU to begin with. He says he was excited by the holistic learning environment HPU offered.

“HPU’s values-based learning model encouraged me to attend because I knew that upon graduating, I would not only be receiving my degree, but also I would have become a well‐rounded individual,” says Mumford.

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