Business Administration Major to Work for Global Fortune 500 Company

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HPU High Point UniversityA love of people and a knack for sales has graduating senior, Charlie Apter, on the road to success. Apter, a business administration major, was recently hired by the global Fortune 500 company Lenovo for its selective LASR Program (Lenovo Accelerated Sales Rotation) in Raleigh.

“Being able to work at a large Fortune 500 company is something that I have always wanted,” says Apter. “Lenovo is very successful and focused on growth, and I am going to be working with and learning from people that are the best at what they do.”

Lenovo is a $30 billion personal technology company and the world’s second-largest PC vendor. The company creates and builds personal technology including PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

The LASR program helps train new sales associates in all parts of the company, rotating them through different sales jobs and regions for six to nine months before assigning them to their permanent position. Apter credits his acceptance in part to HPU’s Bridgett Holcombe, career advisor for the Earl N. Phillips School of Business.

“Bridget Holcombe was instrumental in my job search success,” says Apter. “She is actually the one who informed me about the opportunity at Lenovo. She helped me with things such as improving my resume all the way through to my interview prep work. Students really need to be taking advantage of the tools she brings to the job search process.”

Apter says he is also grateful for HPU’s holistic approach to learning. He says he is particularly grateful to Dr. David Rodriguez who taught two of Apter’s favorite classes, Real Estate Investment Analysis and Personal Finance.

“Both of those classes pertain to things I am interested in and that are going to be important for me in my business career,” says Apter. “I really appreciate the professors giving us real world experience because I think you can learn more through experience than by just sitting in a classroom.”

In addition to the experiences he gained in class, Apter also worked as a branch manager during a summer internship with Student Painters. The company hired Apter to manage a $40,000 business throughout the summer of 2012, which he says helped his resume stand out over others.

“I’ve always been a people person,” says Apter. “Running my own business taught me how to communicate with and manage different types of personalities and how you have to mold your communication style to get the best results from both your employees and customers.”

The experience also solidified his decision to go into sales.

“Interacting with people is what I enjoy most, and working in sales allows you to do that on a day to day basis” says Apter.

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