Undergraduates Present at Professional Conference

HPU High Point University PCA/ACA
HPU High Point University PCA/ACA

Pictured in the back row from left to right are Eric Lauck, Emily Krewson, Ashlee Branch and Sam Kizer. In the front row from left to right are Dr. Jenn Brandt, Dr. Judy Isakesen, Fiona White and Kate Hensley.

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 4, 2013 – A group of High Point University students had the extraordinary opportunity to present their research at a professional conference in Washington, D.C. The students took part in the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association’s (PCA/ACA) national conference March 27 – 30.

HPU sent 12 students and three faculty members to present their work in front of professionals in their fields. The association’s mission is to promote the study of popular culture throughout the world, and the national conference is an opportunity for scholars to share research and ideas in the fields of popular and American culture studies.

“This conference is an excellent occasion for our students to showcase their research, and it provided them with the type of experiential learning for which High Point is known,” said HPU director of women’s and gender studies, Dr. Jenn Brandt. “Presenting at this conference provided a valuable experience for our students who are planning to attend graduate school, as well as exposing all of them to professional networking opportunities they couldn’t get anywhere else.”

HPU students who presented at the conference are:

– Elizabeth Ellis: “The Civil War Over Civil Rights: Public Memory of the Civil War in 1960s Randolph County, North Carolina”
– Emily Krewson: “Dr. Pepper Campaign: It’s Not a Perfect TEN”
– Erick Lauk: “Oh, You’re a Nurse Bro?”
– Ashlee Branch: “Gendered Violence: When Easy, Breezy, Isn’t Beautiful”
– Kate Hensley: “The Girl Power behind 1990s Music: The Spice Girls and The Riot Grrls”
– Kat Buruzios: “Secrets of ‘The Wife of Bath’: Love, Sex and Marriage”
– Sam Kizer: “Multi-Model Fiction and Mediated Boyhood: The Changing Construction of Contemporary Teenaged Masculinity as a Result of Convergent Storytelling”
– Fiona White: “Who Wears the Crown: How Feminism is Proven Through Pageantry”
– William Bloxom: “The Game Player as Cyborg – Issues of Agency and Control – Mass Effect”
– Miranda Brazell: “Control and Interactivity in ‘The Sims 3’”
– Kelley Yeager: “The Game Player as Cyborg: Issues of Agency and Control”
– Anthony Zirker: “Sonic Synergy: Organic and Synthetic Symbolism in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’”

HPU faculty who presented at the conference are:

– Dr. Stefan Hall, associate professor of communication: “Issues of Adaptation in ‘The Walking Dead’ Video Games”
– Dr. Judy Isaksen, associate professor of communication: “Musical Resistance: Counter-Hegemony on ‘The Colbert Report’”
– Dr. Jenn Brandt, director of women’s and gender studies: “From FanFic to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: What Reading Communities Can Tell Us About Popular Literature, Patriarchy and Public Tastes”

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