Rising Senior Interns at New York Marketing Firm

AlyssaHIGH POINT, N.C., July 8, 2013 – Rising senior Alyssa Hunt is working with major and internationally known brands while interning for Brand Influencers in New York City this summer.

The strategic communication major is working directly for the company’s CEO and co-owner and is gaining experience in brand and market research, brand development, client proposal development, social media marketing, blogger outreach, community management, PR outreach on behalf of clients and the agency, event and conference attendance and email marketing. The company represents major brands including the NFL, IBM, Nestle, For, MillerCoors, CocaCola and the USA Network.

“Brand Influencers is really committed to my success and growth as both an intern and student of the industry,” says Hunt. “The other interns, the CEO and I discussed everything we had learned in the three short days of our first week, and I couldn’t believe how much knowledge and skill I had already attained. It’s an incredible experience to work for people so invested in my present and future success.”

Hunt credits her current and past experiences at High Point University for her success. She says while volunteering for the Special Olympics New Jersey, the organization offered her two different positions, one working on the 2014 National Games. She says she gladly accepted the position, which she will do remotely while finishing her senior year at HPU.

A former employer, Synergy Events, has also reached out to her about career opportunities.

“Although I was only a freshman in college when I first had a position with Synergy, the skills and lessons High Point University had taught me in my first year had already pointed me in the right direction,” says Hunt. “At HPU, we believe that getting started in an internship or job goes far beyond interviewing and landing the position – it’s about preparing for the experience and understanding that career development is an ongoing learning process. I discussed these crucial lessons in my interview with Brand Influencers back in January. The agency was (and is always) on the lookout for bright students who are looking for a learning experience, and the preparation I had from High Point has taken me very far as a young intern.”

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