Entrepreneurial Spirit Brings Sophomore Summer Success

Anthony BoucherHigh Point University works to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in all of its students, and that spirit is alive and well in rising sophomore Anthony Boucher. Inspired to develop his skill set, Boucher decided to pursue his real estate license.

“I wanted to do something that would get me into the professional world, so I would have that experience before I try to form my own business,” says Boucher.

Boucher says one class at HPU in particular gave him the confidence to take on this responsibility.

“Dr. Phillip Mulder in my American Moments class really opened me up to what I am fully capable of by giving me long, rigorous assignments. His teaching style and methods allowed me to take myself more seriously as a student and a young adult. After that particular class I felt I would be ready to take on a more professional job over my summer break,” explains Boucher.

The plan paid off. After just one month on the job, he sold his first house and secured two listings in Long Island. Boucher says the job is all about making connections with people, something he says he also learned at HPU.

“When I first arrived at HPU, I really enjoyed getting involved, meeting new people and taking advantages of all the opportunities available like joining the Toccatatones and becoming a University Ambassador,” says Boucher. “Those experiences have really helped me meet people, get out into the real world and get used to talking to professionals. Over the past year, I’ve grown as a person who is ready to go out into the professional world.”

Despite his success this summer, the business administration major says he looks forward to continuing on his educational journey at HPU.

“I’m going to take more business classes in the fall to gain the tools I’ll need to be successful in the business world,” says Boucher. “HPU also provides great connections for its students. I intend to take full advantage of those opportunities and continue to improve on my networking skills so when I meet new people, we will learn how we can help each other. HPU is allowing me to put myself out there.”

Boucher says until he returns to HPU in the fall, he’ll continue to soak up as much information and knowledge as he can at his summer job.

“I love it, because it changes every day and I get to interact with different people. It’s not a traditional job. You don’t work for a salary. Whatever you put into it, that’s what you get out of it.”
He also plans to continue working in real estate while at HPU.

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