Peer Pressure: Sometimes It’s a Good Thing!

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You’ve probably noticed that the HPU website frequently features success stories about our current students. This is of course by design, to cultivate an environment of excellence. You could also think of this simply as positive peer pressure. As President Qubein has often remarked, “Who you spend time with is who you become.”

Here in the Career and Internship Services office, we’ve implemented a new program “Career Peer Ambassadors” or CPAs, to enhance the connectivity between our office and your student. The HPU Career Peer Ambassadors serve as a resource, creatively and collaboratively working as an extension of the professional staff. Specifically, they will talk with fellow students about internship and/or job opportunities, informational interviewing/ shadowing, networking, researching, effective interview strategies, and tips regarding resumes and LinkedIn profiles. By offering resources at multiple levels, both formal and informal, we cultivate a career and professional development mindset with your student beginning their freshman year.

We hope that you will encourage your son or daughter to connect with our office and reach out to one or more of the CPAs. They are:

Naomi Ehrens is a returning CPA and a senior Business Administration major from Northbridge, Mass. She says she’s excited to be back in the role for a second year.

“I am fortunate to know exactly which track I am on and have had real world experiences to solidify my direction,” says Ehrens. “When I have used Career & Internship Services, I felt attended to and cared for, which kept me coming back again and again. Sharing my journey with other students encourages them.”

Melia Sigmon is also a returning CPA and junior Communication major from Denver, NC.

“I like having the chance to mentor younger students, helping them get a head start on a process that can seem overwhelming rather than waiting until they are nearing graduation,” says Sigmon.

Callie Klinkmueller is a senior Communication and Music double major from Action, MA. As a double major, Callie Klinkmueller has lots of obligations but has made time to be a CPA because she wants to be a resource, and share with other students the new way of thinking that C&IS helped her to adopt.

“Career & Internship Services helped me to polish my resume so that it really stands out, but more than that, they helped me to develop a new way to think about all of the experiences that I am having in college – I now see these things as lifelong skills rather than just resume builders,” says Klinkmueller.

Taylor Duggins is a junior Business Administration major from Pfafftown, NC. She came to HPU as a transfer student and was concerned that she would be at a disadvantage when the time came to find employment, so she made an appointment with Career & Internship Services to talk about her past experiences and career goals.

“We edited my resume multiple times and I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help identify my preferences and weed out areas of weakness,” she says. “And although the MBTI and other self-assessments are not meant to tell students exactly what to do, they certainly can help students have a more realistic idea of career areas that may be a good fit. I would like to help other students know how to better narrow their interests.”

To go to the HPU Career and Internship Services page and see more about our program click here.

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