HPU Grad Launches Major Travel Site

Many people, when they face an extra hurdle or frustration, work past it and move on, but a select few take an extra step to eliminate the problem once and for all. HPU alumnus Christoffer Riis Jensen is one of those select few.

While planning his honeymoon, Jensen became frustrated with the need to jump from website to website, trying to find the best deals on hotels. Through is frustration Jensen saw the opportunity for a new business, and in 2012 he launched smarthotelsearch.com.

“Using what I had learned at HPU, I analyzed my opportunities and made a plan,” says Jensen. “One day, I was sitting in my home office looking at my books and my eyes fell on one of Dr. Qubein’s books: ‘The time is now, the person is you.’ That made me jump in and take action.”

Jensen’s website draws hotel pricing and deals from hundreds of hotel search engines, and provides the best deals from each. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for a hotel.

The 2007 graduate grew up in Denmark and first came to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student in high school. He decided to stay in North Carolina and graduated from HPU in 2007 with a bachelor’s in business management. He stayed at HPU for another year to earn his master’s in business administration in 2008.

Jensen credits his current success to his professors at HPU.

“I have had many great and inspirational professors at HPU, which makes it hard for me to choose just one,” says Jensen. “If I have to choose one, it would have to be Dr. David Little (associate professor of management). He taught me how to create business plans, and how to analyze the market. He also gave the assignment of coming up with a new type of business. In other words, he taught me how to become entrepreneurial.”

Jensen’s entrepreneurial spirit remains strong. Now that smarthotelsearch.com is up and running he is looking for new ways to expand the site to continue serving anyone planning a vacation.

“HPU gave me the tool box and the right tools,” says Jensen. “Or put in another way – I was given a pickaxe and shown the entrance to the goldmine. HPU has taught me how to efficiently and effectively use my axe.”

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