October Awards Two Extraordinary Leaders

HPU Extraordinary Leaders

October’s Extraordinary Leaders have different interests, but they do have two things in common: they both work hard and have the grades to prove it, and they both like to keep busy. Junior Corey Dalton spends most of his non-class time taking on leadership roles in his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, which led to a recent appointment to the IFC’s Greek Week chair. Junior Briayna Cuffie is a Peer Mentor and is one of the first six students in HPU’s Bonner Leader Program.

Both say they are encouraged and inspired by the people at HPU.

“I would like to show the underclassmen as well as my peers that there is always something positive to do at HPU,” says Cuffie. “Many of my friends, who have graduated, paved the way by encouraging me to become an active part of the HPU community and to help others by being an example just as they were to me.”

“The faculty and staff here at HPU are unbelievable,” adds Dalton. “The amount of time and effort each teacher allocates to his or her students is amazing. Every teacher provides multiple hours on a daily basis outside the class to assist any student in need of help.”

Both Cuffie’s role as a Bonner Leader and Dalton’s work with his fraternity put them in positions to give back to the community, positions they both say they are grateful for and enjoy taking part in. They add that the experiential and service learning opportunities in both HPU classes and organizations not only help them give back, but have prepared them for the world after they graduate.

“Through my participation in clubs and extracurricular activities on campus, I have exchanged knowledge with peers and truly enhanced my overall well‐being and leadership skills,” says Dalton. “I can honestly say that my experiences at HPU, both inside and outside the classroom, have made me not only a better leader, but also a better person.”

“My experiences and roles here at High Point have given me a safe environment to come out of my shell,” says Cuffie. “I have become more confident and outgoing since the beginning of my freshman year, and have been able to meet many interesting and influential people, as well as have the opportunities to participate in things that my peers at other universities have not. I feel positive in saying that I will leave HPU an even more well‐rounded, productive and engaged member of society.”

After graduation, Dalton will pursue a career as a sports agent, and Cuffie plans to work for a non-profit organization.

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