Taking on a ‘Total’ Educational Experience

“I intended to make my four years at college a ‘total’ educational experience, in a place where opportunities abounded and where the education extended beyond the four walls of an academic building.”

That is what junior Olivia French was looking for three years ago while trying to find the perfect college, and that is what she found at High Point University. Jumping in head-first, French’s accomplishments have earned her the title of September’s Extraordinary Leader.

Once she moved onto campus, French started taking in all the information she could. She became involved in numerous organizations including Kappa Delta sorority where she’s been active in raising funds for Prevent Child Abuse American and the Girl Scouts; she’s also involved in the Odyssey Club, of which she is now president, a branch of the Honors Scholar Program, the University Singers, the Peer Mentor program, a University Ambassador and writer for the Campus Chronicle.

Her achievements don’t stop there. As a Presidential Scholar, she has been on the Dean’s list for three semesters and recently joined the Communication Honors Society Lambda Pi Eta.

Despite these accomplishments, French says true leadership comes from a person’s daily living practices.

“Because of what I have been taught at HPU, through the classroom and campus life, I am aware of my ability to at any moment help another and to share of myself the unique person I have become at HPU, the talents I have honed and the knowledge I have acquired,” explains French. “This simple everyday ‘giving of one’s-self’ and representing your school in the best possible light is what I consider to be true community service and extraordinary leadership at its very best!”

French says she talks about her HPU pride to anyone that will listen, and knows she will continue to brag about her alma mater after graduation. She says the experiences she’s gained at HPU will last her a lifetime.

“To me, an education is made extraordinary only if the education is brought outside of the classroom. It is going above and beyond the actual academic building and classroom walls in order to take education to the next level. It is being surrounded in your classroom, dorm and college campus by exceptional and unique individuals, students and friends who impart their knowledge, life experiences and encouragement in a safe, welcoming and open environment. It is having the opportunity to participate and be a part of phenomenal and unimaginable experiences and opportunities. It is for these reasons I believe that HPU provides its students with not only an extraordinary education, but the ability to become an extraordinary individual, student and ultimately an extraordinary future leader.”

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