International Student Profile: Lakshmi Bommidala

The following story was written by freshman James Ensor and published in the Nov. 6 Campus Chronicle.

For many students, college is a time for exploration and growth. For Lakshmi Bommidala, however, it is a time to explore, grow and run her own company based in India.

Six months ago Bommidala became the Managing Director for Digital Keyboard Private Limited, a company that focuses on e-learning courses, similar to textbook companions.

“I have a lot of responsibilities because of the company,” Bommidala, said.

Bommidala has video conference calls almost daily with her employees so she can manage the company efficiently. Currently there are 60 employees working at Digital Keyboard.

“Thanks to technology I can connect with my employees,” Bommidala, said. “I also have people who give me daily reports.”

Although Bommidala has taken many business courses in the past, her business sense ultimately comes from her family, especially her dad.

“I come from a business family that has had a business for six decades,” Bommidala said. “My father inspires me a lot.”

Before moving to the U.S. to study at High Point University, Bommidala studied business and accounting at The British International School in India, a satellite school for Cambridge University.

Her first two years were spent in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education program, IGCSE, and her last two years were spent in the AS-Level program.

“I had to live away from home for the four years I was studying,” Bommidala said. “I really enjoyed being around students from all over the world.”

At the end of her four years at Cambridge, Bommidala left with a 4.0 GPA. She then traveled to the U.S. to study at HPU.

“The first time I stepped foot on campus was for move-in day,” Bommidala said. “I researched the school and knew it was exactly what I wanted before even showing up.”

Bommidala moved into HPU with her brother, Govind Bommidala, who is also a junior studying business administration.

Aside from her business ventures, Bommidala also enjoys traditional Indian dancing.

“My mom inspired me to go to cultural activities where I was exposed to Indian dancing,” Bommidala said. “I started dancing at the age of seven.”

Bommidala knows two traditional dances and performs for parties and cultural activities.

“Business is my passion, but I am also interested in the arts,” Bommidala said. “I like to paint and play the violin and veena, as well.”

On campus Bommidala is a member of International Club, Business Students Association and is an economics tutor. She is also very passionate about the faculty members on campus.

“I adore the faculty and staff on campus,” Bommidala said. “ I love interacting with them because they are responsible and dependable.”

In the future, Bommidala hopes to bring her business to the U.S with the hopes of managing it back in India.

In the meantime, however, Bommidala plans to continue managing her business in India while also studying at her dream school.

“I love the fact that I’m at HPU,” she says.

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