Sophomore to Publish First Novel

HIGH POINT, N.C., Dec. 2, 2013 – High Point University sophomore Brailey Lisath has achieved something many writers only dream about – her first book is about to be published.

Lisath’s novel, “Compelled,” is already available in an electronic version on Amazon. The printed version is scheduled to reach bookshelves in January.

“Compelled” is about a teenager, Mason, born with a genetic mutation that allows him to control people’s minds. In the book, Lisath explores Mason’s struggles with the legends about this mutation and his attempts to fight against those beliefs.

Lisath wrote the novel in high school, but she says despite her early success, she feels she has grown as a writer and person since attending HPU. She credits the Media Fellows Program with much of that growth.

“It’s both fun and challenging being around so many creative people,” says Lisath. “They’ve helped me storyboard ideas and challenged me to think even more creatively. I also have friends who are just as motivated as I am, who not only have ideas but who want to put those ideas into action.”

One of those ideas is the Pin Point, a fashion magazine started by Lisath and fellow sophomore Lily Chalfant.

“I love everything from the writing to designing the visual elements,” says Lisath. “It’s helped me focus my energy toward working in magazines or online journalism after I graduate.”

You can purchase Lisath’s novel, “Compelled,” on Amazon. It will be available on starting Dec. 17.

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