December Extraordinary Leader Finds New Educational Experiences at HPU

She chose High Point University for the extraordinary education, and December’s Extraordinary Leader, Elizabeth Taheri, says the experiences that followed far exceeded her expectations.

“HPU has provided me opportunities that I never would have dreamed of obtaining in college,” says the biology major. “Each year has been even better than the last, and the university has provided me with an education better than I could have imagined.”

That liberal arts education not only includes her science courses, but also courses in fields such as ethics, political science and religion. Taheri says these courses have enhanced her understanding of her chosen field – medicine.

“I thoroughly enjoyed an ethics class that focused on the medical field, which helped to mature my beliefs on important issues facing healthcare providers. Other courses including politics and Hinduism have all been invaluable experiences that help me become a more well‐rounded woman.”

Taheri’s experiences go far beyond the classroom. She has been a member of the Student Government Association for the past three years and is currently serving as the executive vice president, a role she is using to help other students find their place on campus.

“I have the privilege of working with developing clubs on campus who are seeking to receive a charter through SGA,” she explains. “Having the chance to work with these groups one-on-one has given me the opportunity to provide firsthand assistance to my peers.”

She also serves as a student justice and resident assistant, helping new students transition from their life at home to their life at HPU.

“My residents have become so close to my heart, and I truly feel like I am making a positive impact during a vulnerable time in the life of a freshman in college,” says Taheri. “I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to serve as a positive role model.”

Taheri says she plans to become a nurse practitioner after she graduates in 2015. She says attending HPU has also made her passionate about leadership, and she is considering working in public health.

“This university has given me the confidence I need to succeed,” says Taheri. “HPU has taught me that through hard work and dedication, the dreams that I have for myself can become a reality.”

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