Nielsen Researches the Keys to Successful Leadership

HIGH POINT, N.C., Jan. 31, 2014 – Dr. Tjai Nielsen, associate professor of management at High Point University, presented several research findings on the key to successful team and leadership practices at several national conferences recently.

Nielsen presented four research papers and conducted one symposium focusing on the different elements of leadership and organizational citizenship behavior. His papers focused on key success factors for organizational teams after conducting field studies examining actual teams and supervisor-subordinate relationships in organizations.

“There are three key findings that stand out from these four research papers,” says Nielsen. “First, leadership matters. Across multiple, different organizations and very different types of teams, leadership is critical for success. Second, the most successful organizations create environments where employees feel as if their work matters, which results in more organizational citizenship. In other words, employees are more willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. More organizational citizenship facilitates higher levels of performance for teams and organizations. Finally, the social and emotional interactions that occur in organizations directly impact their performance. From developing meaningful relationships, to inspiring followers, to helping someone when they really need it; these social and emotional interactions have multiple and significant implications for morale, motivation and performance.”

Nielsen says he uses his research in his classes, helping prepare the next generation of successful business leaders.

“All of this research was conducted in actual organizations so the results are more applicable for students, especially those who are entering the workforce in the near future.”

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