The Total Package: HPU Greek Life

Meaghan Freshman

Bid Day 2011

Meaghan Senior

Bid Day 2014

– By Meaghan McRee

With Sorority Bid Day 2014 finally down in the history books, the new members to each organization now get to experience what many speculate about but few understand: the total package of wonderful bonding, relationship-building, growth and purpose-driven priorities that are the core of Greek Organizations on campus.

What few seem to really focus on when talking about Greek Life is the fact that there are so many high ideals and passionate participants within Greek organizations striving to build the total package for their membership. Greek Organizations have established themselves through the years by creating men and women of character with innovative spirits through philanthropy events, service projects, leadership opportunities, and social events which all help to mold and shape responsibly-minded people.

For example, in Sigma Sigma Sigma, our national philanthropy is the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, which supports hospital “play therapy” programs for children at North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC and Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX. Sisters are able to receive experience in the areas of creating philanthropy events, publicizing the event, and then using their leadership skills in order to implement those ideas and run the events. In the fall semester, we have an event called “Fall in Love With Sigma” which this year was more of a casino themed week and raised over $1,400. Participants paid to play various card games and then they could win raffle tickets, which were then put in a drawing for various prize baskets. In the spring semester, one can expect more of a festival themed type day called “Sigma Splash” where people buy tickets to partake in games, dunk tanks, music, food, and so much more. Through just this example of philanthropy, it exemplifies the fact that sisters feel a sense of responsibility, ownership, community, leadership, fellowship, and most importantly…sisterhood.

Today’s college Greek Community, especially at HPU, can be an enormously positive experience far surpassing the stereotypes that sometimes appear in the news. Greek Organizations like many other clubs and affiliations provide you an opportunity to create new relationships, connect with alumni, excel even more within one’s academics, identify your own leadership skills and then refine them, be an instrumental link within committees, make a difference on campus and build lasting memories.

Looking back on my freshman Bid Day in 2011, it was incredibly tiring, maybe even a bit overwhelming. But as silly as it sounds, I felt an instant connection to more than a 100 ladies that I really knew nothing about. What we had in common was the fact that we were part of something bigger than ourselves. We were beginning a mysterious journey based on trust, commonality and a determination to better ourselves. That journey began for me here at High Point. Greek life is one of those points along the way in college that I will look back on and remember how it helped mold me into a well-rounded person and provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn. Almost 4 years later, it is exciting to see new freshmen begin this journey and have just as an influential experience as I had.

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