Sophomore Interns with Rep. Howard Coble in Last Term

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 1, 2014 – High Point University sophomore Carter Adams is getting the rare opportunity to play a role in the historic last term of North Carolina Congressman Howard Coble in his 30th year of service in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Adams, a political science major, is serving as a congressional district office intern in High Point. His responsibilities include assisting with passport requests, IRS concerns, immigration services and various other governmental services.

“Congressman Coble is a respected figure as a politician and public servant, and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced Representative,” says Adams. “I have observed and experienced such wisdom in his office; most importantly that being loyal to those you serve is a pivotal aspect of being a public servant.”

Carter Adams and Howard Coble

According to Adams, his coursework in the political science department at HPU has been invaluable in preparing him for the internship.

“This internship has furthered the knowledge that I gained in the classroom – not only how to be personable with constituents, but also how to deal with problems that don’t have easy answers,” says Adams. “My career goal is to be a public servant someday, so being an intern in Congressman Coble’s office has given practical knowledge for my career goals.”

“Congressman Coble is phenomenal at calling people by their names, and not just having them come into the office for a passport and then leave,” Adams says. “Creating conversation with the constituents and developing a sense of connection with those you serve is what I have really been able to experience in Congressman Coble’s office.”Adams says what he most admires about Coble is his ability to connect with every constituent personally.

This is one of several internship opportunities that Adams will complete before he graduates from HPU. Last summer, he interned on Capitol Hill in Representative Daniel Webster’s office. This summer, he will continue to intern in Washington, D.C. with Representative Marco Rubio, as well as House Speaker John Boehner.

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