Professor Publishes Two Research Articles in Management Theory Encyclopedia

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 18, 2014 – Dr. Tjai Nielsen, associate professor of management at High Point University, recently published two articles in the Encyclopedia of Management Theory.

The articles, “Substitutes for Leadership” and “Work Team Effectiveness,” both stem directly from Nielsen’s primary research streams – leadership and organizational teams.

The “substitutes for leadership” article concentrates on contextual factors that enhance, neutralize or substitute for leadership. For example, members of a work team communicate and manage their task responsibilities very effectively, which essentially takes the place of a formal team leader, Nielsen explains.

The “work team effectiveness” topic has been one of the most studied in organizational science and involves identifying the most critical factors contributing to performance – such as identifying critical success factors for top management teams in Fortune 100 technology companies.

In both pieces, Nielsen attempted to identify essential next steps in the evolution of future research. Much work has been done, but he explains there are several key areas that have not been addressed in the past that will contribute significantly to both research literatures.

Much of the research, he says, is conducted within actual organizations, so the information he finds is readily available and used in the classroom. In fact, nearly all of his teaching involves leadership to some extent, so he often discusses the implications of his research findings in the context of real organizations and leaders.

“I think this reality-based perspective is helpful for students entering the work force, or just starting to contemplate leadership,” he adds.

Nielsen’s papers were published in late 2013 in the Encyclopedia of Management Theory, a reference publication intended to provide the most definitive assessments of key topics in management. He has two additional research papers coming out this year, and several more that are currently under review.

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