Senior Leans on the Law for Career Experience through Internship with Public Defender

HIGH POINT, N.C., April 21, 2014 – Ashley Prindle, a senior at High Point University, is learning her way around the courtroom thanks to an eye-opening internship as a public defender intern at the High Point Public Defender’s Office.

Prindle, a native of Litchfield, N.H. double majoring in criminal justice and political science with a minor in philosophy, has had the opportunity to work closely with attorney Rip Fiser, who has been helpful in showing and teaching what it means to be a public defender.

“Along with shadowing him and watching what seems to be thousands of cases in district and superior court, I have helped to summarize cases, print and organize discovery for a case, call clients to remind them about court dates, and have sat in on client interviews inside the courthouse,” Prindle says.

She explains her coursework at HPU – specifically, criminal justice courses – have served as a great reference in her internship.

“From courses such as criminology, criminal law, violent crime and mock trial, I was able to already have an understanding of criminal code, sentencing guidelines and how the court operates,” Prindle says. “The courses allowed me to come in with a basic knowledge of how to conduct research on cases, how to look up statuses and how to break down the elements of a case. Thanks to the tools I have gained in criminal justice at HPU, it has helped me be a successful intern at the High Point Public Defender’s Office.”

The internship itself, Prindle says, serves as great hands-on experience in an area of the law that she hopes to practice someday.

“This experience has helped me confirm that this is what I want to do,” Prindle says. “I look forward to going to my internship and enjoy the work that I’m doing; this is exactly what I want in my future career.”

Upon graduation, Prindle will attend the University of New Hampshire School of Law, where she will focus on criminal law to become a prosecutor or public defender.

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