Academic Services Hosts, Attends Conferences for Peer Tutors

HIGH POINT, N.C., May 14, 2014 – The Academic Services Center at High Point University recently took part in both on and off-campus learning opportunities to benefit the Supplemental Instruction leaders and peer tutors on campus.

The first event, the North Carolina Supplemental Instruction/ Tutor Peer Conference, was hosted on the HPU campus. Held every two years, the conference brings together peer tutors and SI leaders from across the state to campus.

The conference included several presentations led by undergraduate students who shared similarities and differences in tutoring on different campuses. Three of the seven presentations were led by HPU students, and included “Time Management & Tutoring,” “Tutoring as Freshmen” and “Tutoring Tips & Tricks; students from other schools presented “Collaboration is Everything,” “Technology Tools for SI Leaders,” “Peer Tutoring in Criminal Justice” and “The Relationship Between Tutoring & SI.”

“This conference promotes the contributions of peer tutors to enlighten the application of best tutoring practices. Tutors from across North Carolina can provide insight into tutoring programs and share tutoring experiences, tips, and techniques,” says Craig Curty, director of the Academic Services Center at HPU. “This forum empowers a tutor’s role as student leaders on their respective campuses and providing quality academic support to students who desire additional opportunities to supplement their learning and increase self-confidence.”

The second event, the International Conference on Supplemental Instruction, held recently in Chicago, included Curty along with student Reza Moghtaderi. There, the two presented their original work, titled “Recalibrating SI Training: From Practice to Theory to Theoretical Practice,” which focuses on enhancing training of SI leaders and tutors through theory, including the Socratic Method and Astin’s Student Involvement Theory.

“The theories we explored in our presentation are incorporated into SI sessions at HPU,” says Curty. “This allows SI leaders and tutors alike with opportunities to apply higher level thinking and questioning skills into their work with HPU students, to maximize learning opportunities and critical thought” 

The 8th International Conference on Supplemental Instruction will provide an opportunity for U.S. and international faculty, staff, and students to meet and present on SI, research and knowledge gained on the subject, and related topics.

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