Professor Publishes Article on Christian Media

HIGH POINT, N.C., May 15, 2014 – Jim Y. Trammell, assistant professor of communication at High Point University, recently addressed the growing industry of Christian media in a recent article published in the “Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.”

The article, titled “‘The Grandest, Most Compelling Story of All Time’: Dominant Themes of Christian Media Marketing,” analyzes how Christian media, particularly books and music, are marketed to consumers.

“Christian marketing campaigns tend to center around three dominant themes: that the consumer is spiritually deficient, the authors and artists are spiritual role models, and the texts will help you become a better Christian,” says Trammell. “Such campaigns evoke a degree of holiness or sanctification on these consumer goods, and attempt to make the consumer feel like he is a terrible Christian as a ploy to sell goods.”

Trammell teaches many of the arguments posed in this article to his first year seminar class, “Mass Media and American Christianity.” The class explores how media and faith merge and influence each other. He also plans to relate this experience back to his video production class.

According to Trammell, this article will eventually be turned into a chapter for a book he is composing about the intersection of Christian media, market demands, the media economy and religious faith.

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