Maymester Immerses HPU Students in Spanish Culture

HPU students during their first Flamenco lesson in Spain.

HPU students during their first Flamenco lesson in Spain.

HIGH POINT, N.C., June 12, 2014 – High Point University students danced their way through Spain this summer. The students recently returned from an 18-day Maymester experience that immersed them in Spanish culture while they observed and learned the art of Flamenco.

Lead by Cara Hagan, assistant professor of dance, and Adam Winkel, assistant professor of Spanish, the group also toured historical landmarks, cathedrals and museums in Seville, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, Cádiz and Cordòba.

“Our classes with Cara at HPU really prepared us to delve deep into our studies in Spain and feel confident,” said student Margaret Cart. “It was interesting to see the differences in teaching and dancing styles from our instructors. Between them all we really learned a lot of interesting techniques and possible twists to the historic and unique Flamenco dance.”

“This was an important experience for our students because each of them was asked to step out of their comfort zones into something unfamiliar, and they all returned to the United States with a more complete understanding of the world around them,” says Winkel. “They practiced their Spanish, they navigated foreign cities, they tried new foods, and they discovered unexpected architecture. We prepared them well during our semester at HPU, but our trip was a time of true self-discovery.”

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